Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar Episode 4 by Ruhi

Hi guys! This is Ruhi back with the 4th episode of my ff. Thanks everyone for liking my ff.
Let’s start now.
Next day:
V: Betal 2 tumahara dost kaha h?
I: Wo room mei h. She will come later.
Veer thinks something.
V: thank you Betal 2
I: for what?
V: kuch nhi. Jao tum
I: he’s mad

Kusum’s cabin:
Ks: Golu tu meri dost Neha ko toh janta h
K: ha ma. But kyun
Ks: Usk beti bhi yaha SDCH me as a intern join kr rhi h kal se.
K: Ma please mujhe time chahiye.
Ks: but Golu
K: ma please.
Ks: okay. But der na ho jaye.

Later Kabir think to thank Sanchi for giving him mental support.
Sanchi’s Room:

Sanchi was in front of mirror as she was getting ready. She was thinking about Kabir’s promise to kusum. Veer comes there & hugs her from behind. She saw his reflection in mirror.
S: veer tum yaha? Koi dekh lega! Please jao yaha se
v: tumhari problem Kya h. Koi nhi ayega. Do min at least mujhse pyar se bat karo please.
Sanchi now turns to him.
She smiles
S: Tum abhi bhi bacca hi ho.
Veer pulls her closer by putting hands on her waist.
Sanchi feels awkward.
V: bacca hu Mai!!
S: ha
V: Toh mujhe tumhe prove krna padega ki mai bacca nhi hu!
He brings her more closer.
S: nhi nhi! Mujhe proof nhi chaiye.
V: aise kaise
He comes more closer.
Sanchi suddenly sees Kabir’s reflection in the mirror.
Kabir leaves from there with teary eyes
Sanchi pushed away veer. And runs behind Kabir.
V: ye Sanchi ko Kya hua!
Kabir thinks: Sanchi is very happy in her life. I really should move on.
He directly goes to Kusum & says he is ready to meet the girl. Kusum becomes happy.
Sanchi listens this.
She was not happy with this. Kusum sees her.
Ks: Sanchi! Come in beta
Listening Sanchi’s name Kabir reminds sanveer scene & left the room
Before going out kanchi look at each other.
Ks: Matarani isbar please sab thik kar dena.
Prasha & veer also come there to meet kusum.
S: how r u aunty?
K: I will be fine now. Mera Golu ka shadi Jo h.
Sanchi looks down. Kusum noticed her.
V: Kya!!
P: Dr Kabir aur shadi?
Kusum raises her eyebrows & says: kyun? Mera Golu shadi nhi Kar skta kya?
I: no no aunty nothing like that. Actually Dr Kabir itna kha..
P: k.. kuch….nhi
K: hahaha mai janti hu ki wo thoda sa khadoos h…
V,I,P: thoda sa!!
K: okay okay. Aise mat dekho. Bahut jyada khadoos h. But tumlogo k hi madad krna padega so that mere Golu ka love story age bad paye. Sanchi madad karogi na?
Sanchi was lost in thoughts of kabir.
P: abeo sun rhi ho?
S: nhi.. wo ..mai..
K: tum madad nhi karogi Kya?
She makes a sad face.
S: nhi nhi aunty karungi mai madad.
K: Sanaya will come today & will join ur class.
All leaves.
@Kabir’s cabin:
Dr Malhotra calls Kabir & tells kusum is getting better. Kabir becomes happy hearing this.
Sanchi sees Kabir happy.
S: Dr Kabir itna khush kyun h? (Mind)
S: Good afternoon sir
K: Same to u.
S: File.
K: oh thx
Sanchi notices Dr Kabir isn’t even looked at her. She thinks to leave.
K: thank you Sanchi.
S: why?
K: Kal k liye.

S: mention not please.
Suddenly the lights becomes off. Sanchi is scared of darkness. She was about to scream. Kabir puts his finger on his lips.
K: shhh! Don’t shout. I m with u.
He turns the phone torch on.
Sanchi looks at him. She was lost in his eyes. Kabir also. She comes near hugs him & hugs him in fear. Kabir was stunned in her action.
Kabir tries to calm her down. She hugs him more tightly.
S: please don’t leave me
K: I m here with u.
S: u won’t leave me right?
She clasp his coat. Kabir closes his eyes.
K: I wish l could keep u with me like this. (Mind)
The light comes.
Both realises the position. Sanchi leaves him hesitantly.
Kabir puts his hands on her shoulders. Sanchi looks at him
K:tum thik ho?
S:ys sir
K:sit here.
He gives her a glass of water to drink.
Kabir gets Kusum’s call.
Ks: golu sanaya has come.
K: where?
Ks: India. In fact she is about to come in SDCH.
K: ma I told you 7 hours ago that l m ready to meet her & she has come in India from USA. How’s ds possible?
Ks: Golu wo Kya h na Mai phle hi Neha ko ha bol diya tha. Aur Sanaya yaha padne aarahi h.
K: ok ok I m going to receive her in a while.
Sanchi listens this conversation & she walks out of Kabir’s room.Kabir thinks what Happened to her.
I: Dr Kabir is going to get married. Mera hottie kisi aur ka ho jayega. Haye
P: Abeo drama queen bandh karo yeh drama.
V: Guys I m thinking how’ll be this Sanaya.
I: Yar she is from USA. Obviously ultramodern overconfident over smart hoga
P: yah
S: Dr Kabir will never like a girl like that.
P: tumhe kaise pata
S: agr unhe aisi ladkiya acca lgta toh woh mujhe p…
Trio look at her
She stopped
S: Chalo dekhte h kaisi h ye sanaya
Kabir comes down. He looks for Sanaya.
K: I don’t know how I will find her. I never saw her. Bhagwan kaha phasa dia
Suddenly he saw someone praying in front of God’s idol. Wind was making her dupatta unfaithful. She was trying to carry it properly. Kabir thinks this can’t be Sanaya. He was about to go when the dupatta come on his face & he was unable to balance. The girl at once helps him to stand by holding his hand. Kabir looks at her. She does so.
Sanchi saw this from distance. She runs there.
S: Dr Kabir ap thik to h?
K: yah l m okay
S: Apna dupatta sambhalo warna agli bar khud giroge
Anger was visible in her voice.
Veer & the gang come there.
G: R u Kabir Kapoor?
K: yes
G: Thank God l got u.
All look at her
K: Sorry l don’t get
G: Hi I m Sanaya
This role would be played by Priyal Gor. Y can see her in the dp of the episode or Google it.
All of them were dumbstruck to see Sanaya in this avatar.
K: What? U r Sanaya.
V: Tum USA se ho right?
P: phir bhi in this Indian attire?
Sn: Guys cool down. Itne sari sawal. Yah I m Sanaya. USA se hu toh Kya hua Indian hu Mai.
All admires her.
Sn: okay guys will meet u later. Mujhe kusum aunty se milna h. Unse bahut sari baten krni h.
V: ok
Sn: And yes (looking at Sanchi) next time I will take care of it.
K: let’s go I will take u to ma.
Sanchi was fuming in anger.
V: oh Teri! She is such a beautiful girl
I: mera sapna adhura hi reh jayega
P: Dr Kabir will surely fall for her.
V: Dkho Sanchi tum keh rhi thi na ki Kabir sir ko over smart girls pasand nhi h. Isiliye aunty unke liye unk pasand k hisab se ladki choose kia h.
S: Stop it guys. Itna bhi Kya acca thi? Indian attire pehen liya iska matlab ye nhi h ki Kabir sir ko Sanaya pasand ayeg
P: kasam se isse acci ladki nhi milegi

Sanchi looked at all of them with anger

Precap: Sanchi’s jealousy on high. Kanchi stuck in lift.

I know in this episode kanchi weren’t visible that much. But from next episode we will get more of kanchi. But for story these angles we needed to show. Sorry. Don’t forget to share ur views.


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    1. Priyanshipp

      Hey but why I’m feeling that this is kusum’s plan to bring kaanchi together. ??eagerly waiting.

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