Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 9th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 9th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Neil looking at Ram kapoor and Sakshi Tanwar’s romantic scene and then staring at Ragini while she removes her jewelry in front of mirror. She asks what is he watching. He says he is watching TV and her TV is not getting any other channel. She gets up and her sari pallu stucks. She asks him to leave. He asks what did he do. She turns back and sees pallu stuck to bed and frees it. He says as always she blamed him blindly. She apologizes and goes to bathroom to change.

Pam gets tensed reminiscing Nivedita’s warning that she will show her confession recording if Neil and Ragini get intimate. She thinks how to stop them.

Neil folds his leg tightly and asks Ragini to come out of bathroom. She says 5 min. He says 5 min ago, she said

same and now he cannot control. He opens door and shouts and hurriedly wears her gown and then starts beating him with broom. Neil runs and starts laughing loudly. Pam hears that and tries to walk out. Sunny stops her and says her palantod/aprodisiac pan is working.

Pam angrily walks to hall and asks Ranbir to wake up. Ranbir wakes up from sofa and says he is here. She says Nivedita warned she will send her confession video viral if Ragini and Neil take their marriage seriously and break contract rules, now Neil and ragini are laughing after having palangtod paan. Ranbir says he does not understand what she said.

Neil breaks decoration flowers while running and Ragini asks him to help her clear them. He says he is a cardiologist and not sweeper, but agrees on her insistence and cleans bed. He then asks her where to keep his clothes. She says she cleared one side cupboard for him. He opens cupboard, sees only 1 rack and says this space is just like she has for him in her heart. He keeps clothes and asks where to sleep. She divides bed and says he can sleep on other side. After a bit of drama, they both sleep. She comes on his side in sleep and asks why did he come to her side. He says she came instead. She shouts that his pan is making her do weird things, snatches blanket and goes and sleeps on sofa. He asks her to give him blanket. She says she will not and sleeps on sofa while he just continues to stare her.

Pam tries to open Neil and Ragini’s room door, but Sunny stops her. Pam says she is searching washroom. Sunny says she showed her washroom long ago. Pam then goes down and tries to climb pipe.

Neil gets disturbed by Ragini’s snoring and tries to close his ears unsuccessfully. He picks water mug and sprinkles water on her face. She wakes up and asks what is he doing. He says he is watering plants. She says it is still night. He peeps outside window and says it is night and she can sleep. She falls asleep immediately and starts snoring. Neil throws water from window and it falls on Pam. She walks back angrily.

In the morning, Ragini gets ready after a bath. Neil wakes up feeling water on his face and she asks why did he wake up so late. He says he usually wakes up at 6 a.m., but today slept at 6 a.m. She asks if he was watching his dirty English movie. He says he could not sleep due to her snoring. She says she does not. He says she did and snorers won’t know it. She says she was very tired and must have snored. She then asks him to get ready and come out soon as children must be waiting for them.

Precap: Neil comes out of room with Ragini and says family that he did not sleep whole night. RK jokes that he must be awake whole night. Dimpy jokes that Ragini’s face is glowing. Agam says they heard things breaking in their room, if they were fighting again.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wowwie….pam its really nice wen yu get irritated n ragini n Neil R lyk made for each other want dem to get reunited

  2. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Yip Pam awesome acts n dialouge !!! u get shot wit ur own Love da scene NR mwahs i laugh n enjoy so much hope to c many more lovey scenes.
    pls keep dayaan nivi away cnt she c Neil did not once he love her n she is second choice in druken stupor of Neil lolllll

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