Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 9th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 9th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ragini getting busy packing items to leave for Nishi’s wedding venue. Agam comes and hugs her. Everyone gets happy seeing her. Ragini asks how come he is here. He says he has brought whole family. Pam, Neil, Ranbir and other family member enter in. Arav gets happy seeing Neil in casual attire for the first time. Naani asks Baa to feed sweetcurd to Nishi. Nishi starts crying. Ragini says it is her last day as daughter in this house, next time she will come as someone’s bahu. Agam cheers her up. Nishi touches Neil’s feet. He goes into flashes where he used to feed Nishi and gets emotional. Pam says she will perform punjabi rituals before leaving and feeds Nishi and other sweets.

Everyone get out of house towards car. Karan asks

Dimpy to sit with elders as he is driving with youngsters. Shilpa’s mom asks her to go and sit with Ranbir. Shilpa says she wants to sit with her, but she forces her. Arav seeing her coming and goes and sits next to her. Ranbir and comes and sits with them. Karan starts driving. Neil sees Ragini sitting in Aman’s car and continues staring at her beauty. Baa thinks Aman is driver and asks Ragini why is she sitting with driver instead of Neil. Naani says she is Ragini’s boss and not driver. Pam gets irked seeing Sunny sitting in their car and says she will not sit in it, but Dimpy asks her to cooperate.

Everyone start driving. One the way, Aman starts driving very slowly. Neil gets irked and overtakes him. He stops at some place and waits for 30 min, but Aman does not come. He calls Aman, but Aman says he is on a different route. Neil says it is wrong route, but Aman says it is right. Neil follows that route and overtakes Aman. He tells Aman that he is traveling to Karan’s farmhouse since many years and even married Ragini there. Ragini says new routes have come and everything has changed. Karan says Ragini is right, they are going on a right route. Naani says she does not like driver and likes him to drive. Neil agrees and asks Aman to exchange cars. Pam says as Ragini said, routes have changed and he should let Ragini go with Aman. Ragini tries to sit with Aman, but sits with Neil on Baa’s insistence.

Pam is forced to sit with Aman. Aman asks her to be confident. He drives at 100 km/h speed. Everyone are surprised to see that. Karan’s car punctures in between and he stops. Neil also stops his car. Karan says he does not have stepney, will have to bring mechanic and leaves with Ranbir. Aarav says he is hungry. Neil asks him to bring some juice and chips from nearby dhaba. He also leaves with Nishi and Shilpa leaving Ragini and Neil alone. Neil checks stepney in Karan’s car and finds it. He changes it with Ragini’s help. Khamoshiyaan… plays in the background.

Aman’s car reaches farmhouse and wait for Neil and Karan’s car. Pam tells it was someone’s planning to send tthem before. Nivedita asks how can Baa plan as she is having Alzheimer’s dementia. Pam says someone else has planned this. Sunny tries to jump gate, but Pam and Aman stop her. Neil and Karan also reach and Neil says he was late as Karan’s car got punctured. Pam says she knew it and thinks she everyone must be surprised seeing her changed behavior, but they don’t know about her plan.

They hear a man playing DDLJ music mandolin and try to identify him. Neil gets happy identifying man is his old friend RK. Man says he is very happy seeing them together after 15 years and sounds like Pam’s ex-boyfriend. He introduces himself to youngsters. Pam introduces Nivedita as someone’s sister, and he gets irked hearing that and ignores her. He asks youngsters to enjoy.

They all enter farm house. RK gives Ragini coconut water and tells it is from the same tree which she sow. They all go into flashback where RK asks Ragini to sow coconut plant and tells one day she will enjoy water from it.

Aman drops bag on floor and tries to walk out. Neil asks him how can he leave bags like that and says he will pick it anyways as it is his daughter’s wedding. Ragini reminisces their younger days when Neil picks her up till the room.

Youngsters start playing game. Ranbir says he will play with Arav and asks him to try it. Nishi says she will play with Shilpa. Ranbir says he will teach her. Shilpa’s mom insists her to go ahead and she gets busy with Ranbir. Arav gets sad seeing it.

RK distributes rooms and gives Ragini and Aman a single room. Aman asks why and hesitantly agrees. RK then gives opposite room to Neil. Aman asks why. RK says it is Neil’s favourite room. Pam says things have changed since 15 years and jokes with Pam that he is staying next to her room.

In room, Aman panics and says he cannot tell more lie to Neil and cannot stay in same room. He says Neil was 12 km away from him, even then he was pestering him and now he is in opposite room and will be like a CCTV camera. She gives him water and asks him to relax. His keys falls and he bends to pick it. Neil enters room right then and thinks he is touching Ragini’s feet again, says his bag is in their room by mistake, asks them to continue, he will come late. Aman gets embarrassed.

Pam gets irked thinking about Ragini and Neil’s close rooms and asks Nivedita to make sure they don’t come closer. Nivedita asks her to relax.

Precap: Arav and Agam look at Neil and Ragini’s younger pics and argue if their mom or dad looks good. Neil and Ragini look at each other.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    1. Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar

    2. Among these, iknmp is the best. I will give it a 3.5
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      doli armaanon ki 2.8
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  5. Okay thnx I think humsafars is the best

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