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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 7th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nivedita telling Pam that she always takes her for granted. She calls her friend and betrays her always. She chose Ragini now instead of her. Pam says if she thinks she is her friend, then she should also know how much she hates Ragini. She continues that Neil has cracked a deal of buying chain of hospital in US and risking his whole life’s earnings on it, but due to him going to jail because of Ragini, deal is at risk and even Neil is removed from panel of doctors. Nivedita asks how can she sacrifice her. Pam says she knows she loves her brother Neil and children and can do anything for them and even expects to help her. Nivedita says she is not her friend now and walks out.

Reporters surround Nivedita and asks her what happened inside. Nivedita

says she is very happy for Neil. Pam interferes and asks reporters to cover marriage. She starts praising Nivedita that she is her sister, friend, philosopher, etc. Suhani asks Sunny how can Nivedita change so suddenly. Sunny says with Neil’s words, even stone wold melt, Nivedita’s heart is of black coal, so it also melted.

Ragini and Neil’s marriage continues. Pandit calls Ragini’s brother for ritual. Naani says ragini does not have brother. RK comes in front and says he is Ragini’s brother. Pandit asks Neil and Ragini to start pheras and tells significance of each pheras. They both reminisce their fight and taunts with each pheras, which is completely opposite to pandji’s explanation. After pheras, Pandit asks Neil to dorn mangalsutra in Ragini’s neck. Neil dorns slowly. Pandit asks him to hurry up as muhurat is finishing. Nivedita asks Pam to help Neil. Neil says he will do himself. Pandit then asks him to apply sindhoor on Ragini’s forehead and says marriage is complete now. Ragini and Neil look at each other.

After marriage, Sunny tells naani that she should keep sola somwar fast as she had kept mannat for Ragini’s happy married life. Naani looks at Ragini smiling and says she will keep fast for Ragini’s happiness.

Neil does not find his shoes. Suhani with Nishi stops Neil and asks him to give money if he needs his shoes. Sunny says he does not have sister-in-laws, but bride’s daughters and should give money. Neil says he has money. Agam says he saw him carrying money in the morning. Neil takes money from his pocket and asks to return his shoes first.

Agam sees Jignesh leaving silently and asks where is he going as post-marriage rituals are still not yet over. Jignesh says she came on Sunny tai’s invitation and does not want Nishi to get embarrassed more, so he is leaving and asks not to inform anyone.

Neil and Ragini reach home. Children stop them and ask to complete rituals first. They both step on cement block. Agam picks it then. Naani then asks Nishi to perform their aarti and let them in. RK says even he will perform rituals during his marriage and looks at Pam. Everyone happily watch rituals while Nivedita fumes in jealousy. Dimpy asks Neil to carry Ragini in and he does. Suhani tells Neil that they have to perform last ritual of finding ring in milk and then he is free.

Ragini and Neil try to find ring in milk. Whole family cheer them up. Nishi gets sad reminiscing her marriage rituals with Jignesh.

Precap: Neil offers sweet paan/beetle leaves to Ragini and says this may lessen bitterness between them. Nivedita tells Pam that she has recorded their conversation and if she tries to ditch her again, she will make recording viral.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice episode…..

  2. Thank u for the fast update Hasan…..

  3. Nice episode …. Thanks to nivi if she would have not involved her reporter friend in neil case this marriage would not have occured….

  4. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Kowsy yipeeee totally true hey….
    now any chance of NR falling in lovey dovey again n Pam getting rid of nivi n Pam lolllll
    poor kids ar so happy sad if writers mk them cry????
    Y mk marrige rituals a joke?????
    N the way Neil spicikle jasee golmaal….????

  5. Writers are still making the villains win this series are getting boring

  6. My guess is they ll not separate again bcoz already its high time. They have to solve the misunderstanding ….. Arav ranbir should change and nivi s true face should be known …. Pam s contract ….. Lets see how its done.

  7. chanda panday

    Was a good episode

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