Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 6th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 6th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ragini starting to cry vigorously reminiscing Aarav. Aman tries to console her. She starts yelling that Aarav is already angry on her and does not want to talk, now Neil freed her and took home. She continues her overacting and yelling at Neil. Aman suggests he to reach Neil’s home and if Aarav sees her, she will forgive and hug her.

Sunny tai shows Jignesh and her friend’s hugging pic to Nishi and tells she is sure Jignesh is having an affair. Nishi says just like someone clicked Ragini and Aman’s pics in wrong positions and created misunderstanding, she must have misunderstood Jignesh. Sunny asks her not to doubt her spy mind. Nishi calls Jignesh and asks him to come to Ragini’s house immediately. Neil calls Nishi and asks

why did not she call. She says she thought he would not pick call after yesterday’s event. He says why would he as she is his daughter and says he has a surprise for her and asks to reach his home in the evening.

Neil tells Pam that he wants all his children present during Agam and Aarav’s birthday party. She says of course and says he taught Ragini a nice lesson by bringing Aarav home. He says he did not mean to hurt anyone and just wanted Aarav back home.

Party starts. Agam and Aarav come down wearing blazers. Everyone claps for them. Karan shows them girls and says he called 2 of his fans to entertain them. Agam gets happy, but Aarav does not react. Aarav’s friend suggests him to enjoy. Both of them start dancing with girls on Kyun ki tum hi ho….song… After dance, girls call Karan and he boasts that they want to spend time with him. He silently gives money to girls and sends them away. Karthik sees that and shows Agam.

RK comes for the party. Dimpy asks why did he come here as situation is not under control her. RK says someone invited her. Pam comes and says she invited him, thanks RK for coming and says she does not want to keep any grudge and move ahead in life. She joins Nivedita who asks why did not Ragini come yet. She says she must be coming soon.

Nishi comes and Neil shows Aarav to her and says this is her surprise. Nishi gets happy seeing her brother.

Ragini reaches Neil’s home with Aman in a car and heads in.

Neil sees RK and asks why did he call her. Pam says she called him as she does not want any differences between friends. Neil hugs him and apologizes. RK also apologizes.

Agam tells Suhani Arav should have informed mom that he is here. Nishi hugs Aarav and asks how is he. Sunny asks why did not he inform Ragini. Ragini enters with Aman and hugs Arav, but he does reciprocate reminiscing she considering him criminal wrongly and forcing him into jail. Ragini starts crying. Neil comes and calls her name Ragini Patel and asks why did she come here. Ragini asks why is he doing this to her. He says she destroyed her children’s life and he will not let her destroy their future. She is a mad woman who thinks only of her ego. Aman tries to interfere, but Neil asks him to stay away. Neil says he is taking Aarav to America.

Precap: Ragini holds Aarav’s hand and tells Neil that she has more right on Arav than him. Arav asks her to stop her drama as she always forced her decisions on him, but not any more of her nonsense.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Neil is sooo mean….and arav nd nishi are so stupid talking to der mom anyhow

  2. Ragini is crazy ? I wonder why she’s performing like this . One thing I must say she n Dr aman donot make a match at all. She looks too old for him. I think Neil n Ragini will get back together ?. Dunno when dough ?

  3. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Haha hw much longer for NR to get tgether???
    Except for Agam n Suhani all other kids raw rude arrogant s***** no respect or manners….n Neil never reprimands them they his kids toooo ????

  4. I miss the original Nishi.

  5. This is a sick serial. Ragini always shedding crocodile tears and crazy after Neil and the kids. Aman following her everywhere like a pet dog. Neil always saying that he will go back to America but he doesn’t. Now Sunny will create misunderstanding between Nishi and Jignesh. Of course Pam and Nivedita are there to flare up the fire more. There’s no love between anyone. The name should be changed to Itna karo muhjse jaghra. This is the worst serial of ekta.

    1. agree>>>gone to the dogs…all bickering now

  6. I think this serial should end instead of reporters

  7. This is a beautiful serial. Children play up when parents have their disputes. Neil thinks taking Aarav to America is everything, not at all what has America to offer that India does not. Ragani is a good mother who worked hard to bring up those two children but Neil as it all and just lavishes them with it so hence the difference. Now that the children have grown they need to learn to accept and respect both parents and do what it takes to get them to understand each other if not getting together.

    1. its not about America. its about being around with practical people. For me Ragini was a good mother until her Arav went to jail. what kind of mother who’s son is in jail for more than 6 months and she does not go and meet him. I mean think about it. it does not matter if her son committed crime or not, guilty or not. being a mother you always feel for your child and miss seeing them end of the day. so for me she is a bad mother. Arav is better of with his father to make good future.

  8. To say the truth I also agree that the children have no right to be sp mean to they mom amd if R did not control them mayb they wud have been worse

  9. I totaly agree with garima this serial is the worst before it was nice

  10. This series is getting boring with the same things happening all the time like pam and nivedita being villains all the time useless

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