Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 5th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 5th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ragini panicking seeing rat and asks Neil to catch and throw it away. He says it is rat and not a doll to throw. She asks him to make sure it does not enter her cupboard, else it will cut her saris. He starts searching it under bed. Super naani enters and asks what is he doing. He says he is searching rat. She asks him to let BMC worker/sweeper do it, pointing at Ragini. Neil says BMC worker herself is afraid of rat and asks Ragini to drop Naani to her room. Nani asks Ragini not to touch her as she may not washed her hands since months and goes out. Ragini tells Neil that rat is behind curtain and she also goes to shoo it, but they both entangle in curtain. Pam enters and thinks they are romancing and says she will come back later. Neil comes out and

says they were shooing away rat. Pam says it is okay. Ragini also gets nervous. Pam corrects her messed u p hair (which actually like rat bitten). Neil leaves.

Pam tells Ragini that she wants to talk to her. Ragini asks to speak. Pam sits silently. Ragini asks why is she looking tensed. Pam says Neil is bankrupt and she is hiding it from him. Ragini asks how did it happen. She says her domestic violence news spread in US and with a series of events, even Neil’s house is auctioned. Ragini says she did not file complaint and it was inspector who stretched issue. Pam says we cannot change the past and she felt speaking to someone, so she is speaking to her. Neil enters and asks if she found it. She says she is searching. He leaves angrily. Ragini asks what happened now. Pam says Jignesh took huge loans and to revive Jignesh and Nishi’s marriage, Neil agreed to pay 35 lakhs to a creditor and now he will know that he is bankrupt. Ragini asks her to calm down and says they will do something..

Arav’s friend Akash takes him to conmen who promise to double money. Arav asks guarantee. They show tantrums and says they are guarantee and scold Akash for bring Arav. Arav asks how much he should invest. Conman says not to bring 1-2 lakhs and leaves. Ranbir passes by and hears their conversation and asks Arav what is he doing with conmen. Arav says it is none of his business. Ranbir says they don’t look good. Arav asks him to mind his business and not bother him. Ranbir angry leaves and thinks he should go and ask Pam if she spoke to her so called bhabhi/Ragini.

Ranbir enters Pam’s room and sees her talking to someone over phone and asks who is it. She disconnects call and says her friend gave some contact and she was inviting her for brunch to ask loan. He asks if contact agreed to lend money. Pam says she will take her for brunch first and then speak. He then goes to kitchen to take water and hears Arav talking about 20 lakhs over phone. Arav then asks if he is spying on him. Ranbir says he has better work than that. Arav asks him to do that and leaves.

Agam’s comedy starts and with a few jokergiri he shows super nani boy’s pics and says he is selecting a boy for her marriage. She asks him to show her girls’ pics as she wants to select a bride for Nachiket. Asha naani comes and Agam asks her to get badi naani ready as she wants to get dad’s 2nd and 3rd marriage, so he is taking her out. Asha naani asks if he is thinking about marriage, then he should stop thinking as he is very small. Agam thinks he has to sacrifice again.

Nivedita calls Pam. Pam asks why did she call and starts arguing. Nivedita says she does not want to talk to her and disconnects call. Pam laughs and thinks finally she got rid of Nivedita.

Ragini checks her saving, sees only 10 lakhs and thinks how to get another 25 lakhs. Neil enters and asks what is she doing with papers. She says these are hospital papers. He asks why is she sweating. She says she is fine and keeps papers in cupboard. After some time, he picks papers and thinks why is she checking her investment papers.

Precap: Neil speaks to bank and is shocked to hear that he is bankrupt. Ranbir silently watches his reaction.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice episode:-) Is Pam really changed?

  2. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    I lov NR moments mwahs.shameless nivi i lv the way Pam dismisses her lol.well done Pam ur acting is over superb mwah

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