Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 4th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 4th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Agam going to warehouse to call Ranbir and seeing him romancing a girl. Ranbir asks why did he come in without knocking. Agam says dad is calling him for conference and asks if he all his internship to buy hospital. Ranbir says yes and says dad will handle conference, so he thought of enjoying. Agam says dad sent him. They both join back conference. Ranbir stands with Neil an he introduces him to everyone. Reporters ask who will run hospital. Neil says he has capable team and his children. He calls Suhani. suhani tries to take Karthik, but Neil asks her to come alone. She joins him. He says she is studying medicine and will join them soon. He also introduces Agam as says he is very lively and will become hospital’s laughter therapist. Everyone laugh.


sees Nishi murmuring papa repeatedly subconsciously after suicide attempt and goes out crying. Aman suggests her to call Neil. Naani asks Aman if he will not have any problem with Neil and Ragini talk. He says he likes Ragini and wants to marry her, but for him Nishi’s health is important right now. She says he is really great. He says anyone would have done same. She says only whose heart is big can do this. He jokes that his heart is healthy and he keeps cholesterol under control, but cheats sometimes, just like now he wants to eat vada pav from his canteen. She says he is changing topic. He says he is really hungry and asks her to accompany her.

Neil tells reporters that he has only 3 children and his sister Pam in family. Reporter asks what about his wife. He gets Ragini’s call just then. He cuts her call. Reporter asks she heard his wife works in a repurted Indian hospital. He walks out. She asks him he wants to know about his wife. He says ex-wife and says he does not want to talk about it anymore.

Ragini calls Neil repeatedly, but he does not pick her call. Dimpy and Karan who are present there suggests her to keep trying. She says she tried many times and he may not want to pick her call. Dimpy tries, but to no avail. Karan suggests Aman to call, but he says he cannot involve in this.

Ragini sadly goes back to Nishi’s ICU room and tells Nishi that her papa does not need him. She continues that she many not listen to her papa’s voice ever. Just then, Neil calls her and asks why did she call him repeatedly. She says his daughter’s condition is critical and she needs him.

RK video chats with Pam and their nok jhok starts. He asks if she will be happy if his engagement with Devika breaks. She says she does not know. He says he knows she will be happy and says he loves her and not Devika and will apologize her. He says half of their life is finished and it is up to her if she wants to spend rest of her life with him. She says she does not know and closes laptop. He thinks what she must be thinking.

Ragini informs Neil about Nishi’s suicide attempt and her tiff with Jignesh. He asks why did not she inform him. Their chat continues. She says she wants to take care of her daughter, so she called him as a protocol. He gets irked and their argument starts. He cuts call.

Neil sits in house bar and thinks of going to Indi and meet Nishi. Ranbir comes and asks him if he should book ticket. Neil thinks he is talking about India. Ranbir says he has to go to Seattle and sign final agreement papers of hospital and he has to stay for 1 week there. Neil reminisces Ragini’s words. Ranbir says his flight is in 2 hours and he is booking it. Suhani and Agam also think of leaving for their vacation and come bac before Neil comes back. Pam hears their conversation and thinks of going to India and meet RK.

Karan brings food from his restaurant and says he brought all sort of dishes, gujrati, punjabi, etc. Dimpy asks why did he bring so much food. He says he will freely serve it to everyone and then they will come to his restaurant and pay him. Aman asks Ragini to have food, go home and rest. She says she will not. He says he and his team are there to take care of Nishi and if she does not agree he will force her to eat all food. She agrees.

Precap: Aman informs Dimpy and Karan that Dr. Neil is in Nishi’s room. Karan says if Ragini meets him, they will start fighting and it will adversely affect Nishi, so they should stop them meeting.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This serial is dragging tooooo…much…

  2. hopeless!! really pathetic–

  3. Irritating episodes.

  4. chanda panday

    Totally disliking Ragini and the drama getting too boring and ridiculous.

  5. chanda panday

    Nonsense,why shouldn’t they meet after all their daughter committed suicide and they need to be with her regardless of their differences

  6. Dragging d serial tooooo much……wnt to see Neil I mean nachiketh n ragini 2gthr..

  7. Yawn .. this dragging was to happen after the show got a 2 month extention.
    Ever since Arav was sent to the Juvi home for a killing that “babu” bhai did .. and rest of the goofs, I just come here to read .. read in 90 secs .. and not waste my 25 min in watching the show.
    Thank you Telly Updates!

  8. Typical of Ekta…. Portray Punjabi rich and upper class and Gujarati middle class. Quiet contrary to reality. She always portray Marathi same way too. I guess she is portraying her parents.

  9. Jxt love the serial…….a mature love story and understanding relation

  10. Ragini is self concentrated stubborn and confused. Not interesting at all . Instead of watching just reading it in couple of minutes.

  11. i think ragini is out of her senses. y fighting while dey av 2 look for the well being of nishi. this is crap

  12. when will neil and ragini stop fighting and come together as one.its becoming monotonus fights between the both and boring.nonsense please just bring neil and ragini togeher

  13. nachiket is not calling ragini when his children are in problem then why is ragini caliing neil every time

  14. What the hell is going on…the story is all messed up…hate u ekta

  15. Previously I loved this serial but after the romance ,it has failed to keep track.Its all mess.I skip this serial now and sleep.

  16. The story is a tragic mess

  17. Its DRAAAAAGGIIINNNGG.. Ragini just blames Neil for everything and just want everyone to be her puppets

  18. I have already stopped watching. It’s quite boring now.

  19. Dis serial is now hell ….

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