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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 4th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Jinesh’s daadi asking Ragini and Neil’s family to sit for prasad. She sees Ranbir missing and asks where is he. Agam brings Ranbir. Daadi asks to eat prasad now. Neil asks to wait, goes and asks Baa to join them. Baa asks if there is kheer in prasad. He says yes. Ragini gets emotional reminiscing their younger days when Neil used ot take care of Baa and Baa used to like him a lot. Neil brings baa and serves her prasad, then he sits next to Ragini and eats prasad. Ragini reminisces their younger days again when they used to eat food with each other hands. Pam sees Neil concern for Ragini and her family and gets jealous.

Pam sees Aman standing alone and asks if feeling sad and bad. He says there is nothing to feel bad. Pam says he is

Ragini’s husband and she should introduce him to Jignesh’s family. She continues taunting that and tells that Neil and Ragini were locked together in a room and asks if he is not feeling insecure. He says he thinks she is feeling insecure about her brother and asks her not to worry. He says she is talking to a wrong person and asks him to tell Ragini to keep away from her brother, else she will repent. She turns back and sees Ragini standing, smirks and leaves.

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Ragini asks Aman why did he hear Pam’s nonsense, takes him to Neil and asks him to tell his sister not to insult her husband. He asks what happened. She says Pam and him take advantage of his goodness and insult him always. She says he always supported her without expectations, but Neil and his sister will not understand it. She will not tolerate anyone insulting him and asks Neil again not to insult Aman again. She takes Aman from there, leaving Neil frustrated.

Neil at home asks Pam why did she insult Aman and told him about him and Ragini getting locked in a room. Pam asks if Ragini complained. He says she told truth and asks her why did she insult Ragini’s husband, says though they have moved on 15 years ago, he does not like anyone insulting Ragini and her dear ones. She asks if he will apologize Ragini. He says she will. She says not even in her weirdest dream.

Neil reaches ragini’s house. Neighbours talk that he comes here anytime he wants, they have to complain about him to society chairman. Ragini reminisces Neil taking care of Baa and serving her prasad. Door bells rings, she opens door and is surprised to see Neil there. Neil comes in and says he wants to meet Aman and to call him. She gets tensed, gets into her room and signals Sunny to come in. Sunny comes and asks if she wants Neil in. She says she called her and asks her to call Aman and ask to come here right now. Sunny asks why. She says Neil thinks she and Aman are husband and wife. Sunny calls Aman, asks him to wear his jogging suit and come to Ragini’s house right away.

Aman reaches Ragini’s building in a jogging track and asks Sunny if Neil is there. She says yes and asks him to bear the pain now for marrying Ragini. He asks what does she mean. She says she knows it is a fake marriage and takes him in, says Neil that Aman came back from jogging. Neil says he took a lot of time. Sunny says he came early instead today and asks what would he like to have in breakfast. Ragini asks her to go and prepare whatever she likes. Neil apologizes Aman for Pam’s misbehaviour. Aman says it is okay. Neil asks him to take bath and get ready for office, they can go together. Aman says he needs more time. Neil says he will wait. Watchman comes and informs that chairman is calling Ragini. Ragini asks Aman to get ready while she goes and attends meeting.

Chairman gives eviction notice to Ragini and asks her to either sell her home or give it on rent. Ragini asks what happened. One of society member says earlier Aman used to come to her house and they used to tolerate it, but now another man is also coming and they will not tolerate her affairs.

Precap: Ragini requests Aman to tell society members about their relationship. He asks her to request and not command.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. IN PRECAP, Ragini requests to neil not to aman…nice episode. but when will neil come to the truth of ragini and aman’ s fake marriage..

  2. The dashing chemistry of niel and ragini……:*
    Just lovinggggggg it!!!!!!!;******

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