Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 4th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 4th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Agam telling Neil that mom told he can meet her. Neil gets irked and asks what does she mean by can and starts yelling. Agam says mom did not mean that and says he can beat him, but should meet his mom once to clear misunderstanding. Nivedita senses situation and says she will go to hotel now. Dimpy says she can stay here. Neil says Nivedita that he has to talk to her.

Nishi reaches hospital and sees Suhani already present there. She tells she came to meet papa, but Pam did not let him in. Suhani says she can understand. Sunny comes and asks Suhani if her hospital started and says soon she will see all shades of love. Jignesh calls Nishi and tells he cannot come for treatment and asks her to apologize Karthik and postpone treatment.

Neil tells

Nivedita he needs her favor and wants yes from her. She says what he needs. He says he wants to release Arav from jail as he realized how tough it is to stay in jail just after staying 1 day behind bars.

Sunny sees Aman enjoying tea and asks him to have green tea instead. Naani asks her to let him have tea. Sunny suggests him to take Ragini out on a date as he calls her either at office or meets here. He thanks her for suggestion. Ragini comes out getting ready to meet Neil. Aman says she is looking pretty.

Nishi at her room starts yelling at Jignesh that she has to work hard at home and even she wanted to attend Karthik’s treament, but he did not come. He says he was very busy. She asks who was the girl with him. He says his colleague. She shouts what is he up to. He asks if she is doubting him. She says her treatment is over now and she will start working. He asks what about our child. She says she does not need one now.

Aman asks Ragini to sign some papers. She signs and says she will meet Neil and clear their misunderstanding. Nivedita vamp enters and starts yelling at Ragini to stop her tricks of trapping Neil. Ragini asks what did she do. Nivedita says she gave false statement and is now trying her dirty tricks more. Ragini says she told her already that she did not. Naani asks how dare she is to talk so rudely with Ragini. Nivedita says she is Neil’s lawyer and asks where was she when ragini gave wrong statement against Neil. Aman tries to interferes, but Nivedita asks him to back off as he is a spineless puppet of Ragini. Ragini asks her to leave. Nivedita says she did not come here for dinner and leaves warning her again. Aman says Neil sent Nivedita to start his dirty game again and warns her if she respects him a bit, she will not meet Neil.

Neil waits for Ragini in a hotel. Nivedita reaches there and starts her dirty drama and says he should leave this place right now as Ragini will not come here and instead is sending reporters to grill him. She has just used Agam to take revene from him. Reporters surround Neil and bombard with questions. Nivedita says Neil will announce official statement later and to spare him till then. Once Neil leaves, she meets her reporter friend and thanks her for helping her in creating difference between Neil and Ragini again and says she will send her reward soon.

Aman says Ragini she should move ahead of Neil’s nostalgia now as he is planning to marry her a week after Arav is released from jail.

Agam waits for Neil and says Suhani and karthik soon will come back and give them good news. Pam hears that and yells that his mom does not want Neil to live in peace and will create more troubles. Neil comes with Nevidita and asks Karan to make him a drink. Karan says he left alcohol long back. Neil asks if he has problem. Karan says no. Nivedita says Ragini did not want to meet Neil and sent reporters instead to grill him.

Precap: Ragini’s mom suggests her to marry Aman and forget Neil. Ragini looks at 12 a.m. in clock and says today is Agam and Arav’s birthday and she wished she could prepare cake for them like every year. Mom says she will be meeting Arav tomorrow anyways.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This serial has become so horrible, i know its a serial but it has become so unrealistic and boring.. Cmon ekta kaoor. Views are going to start decreasing. This whole issue that happened is so random …….. It was necessary. Now again neil and ragini fight and have misunderstandings and ppl like nividita continue to keep them apart .. Shows getting boring now.

  2. Here we go again…. Nivedita and Pam poisoning Neil’s mind.

  3. This show is boring now and for sure people are going to loose interest

  4. Absolutely boring same old same dnt the producers see no1 wants nivideta plz show love between the two Neil n ragini let ragini do something good for everyone

  5. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Enough pls dog chashing there own tails ooooffffffff
    does ekta evr read viewers comments n requesrs

  6. this show is going in circles…around the around the mulberry bush, the monkey chased the weasel, now more than 1 of each
    pls. end this show….! stopped watching although I loved it and cant believe ronit roy leaving adalat for this!

  7. Just a stupid serial. And, on top of that, I understand that those who work in such serials are more stupid.

  8. What a waste of a serial.

  9. really crap since Neil went to jail I stopped watching and Nivi back .

  10. I will suggest just-gooo-with-the-flow and see what happened next!

  11. This was one show that I would eagerly wait for. Ever since post leap this show has lost its beauty. The recapture of romance between r and n was beautiful. What was the need to bring all that friction back especially Niv. First of all she is a terrible actress. The show should have continued by addressing how the couple who were away for so long re adjust with each other and the children.

    I personally will not watch this show until the misunderstanding is dealt with and Nivi is gone and done. Something also needs to be done with the horrible Pam and writers instill some character into Dimpy and Karan .

    Until then I will read the updates.

    Just my thoughts

  12. Worst moves of each and every character, the serial would have best ended before the leap, it would have been cherished with the viewers. The serial makers are with some notion that people are so dumb to follow whatever they air, but on record you might have lost many followers, so all the very best on your trps. Hope you examine and get back on track…..

  13. This show is just bugging!!!! I have stopped watching this stuff long back n just read updates in tellyupdates. I am strongly feeling Ekta is just thinking her serials are fantastic and whatever she makes will be a huge hit!!! Come on Ekta madam… grow up… bring some real emotions on air. Not the headless characters. That too if the lead roles in soaps act negative and stubborn for no reason, your viewers will go off the show easily.
    If you have not observed your serial’s TRP please do it immediately! 🙂 You may get a good lesson to learn!

  14. Ye serial pehle itna accha lag raha tha ghar me sab is serial ko dekhna pasand karte the. But aaj ye serial itna boring hogaya hai ki isse koi dekhna pasand nahi karta. Ye serial tho Ghode se gadha hogaya hai. Ragini tho hamesh mis understanding dhundati rehti hai aur hamesha neil ko hi galat sabit karti rehti hai. Shayad ekta kapoor ko in dono ko milana pasand hi nahi hai aise hi kahani khinchate jaa rahi hai. Ek maa apne bete ko 1 saal tak jail me milne nahi jaati i can’t believe this aur ab usko hosh aaya hai ki mera beta jail me hai aur phir se nivedita ki entry. Bakwaas serial. Stop watching now.

  15. OMG! Stop this crap for God’s sake please

  16. This used to be my favr8 one. But the write has no more plot to offer. Crap crap crap.The team of IKNMP has gone insane. Either bring some logical story if you have got brain or stop this nonsense. For God sake!

  17. This serial now boring

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