Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 3rd February 2015 Written Episode Update


Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 3rd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts Shilpa’s mom seeing Neil and asking her why is Ranbir’s dad here. Shilpa says he is Ragini’s ex-husband and Ranbir is Ragini’s son, she came to know about it in Agam’s birthday party.

Agam sees Ranbir standing silently and asks him to join them in garba. Nishi also comes and says her happiness is incomplete without her brother and says he made a mistake and apologized, so the issue is finished right there, he should enjoy garba now. Ranbir gets irked.

Jignesh’s mom sees Pam standing silently and asks her to join everyone in garba. Pam says he does not. Mom says she saw her shaking her hands and legs. Pam says she is feeling uncomfortable in her gifted sari. Mom asks if she has any defect. Pam asks what does

she mean. Mom says she means if she is alright. Pam says she is fine and asks her go and continue her garba.

Neil gets jealous seeing Ragini enjoying garba with Aman. Aman hits her with garba stick by mistake and she scolds him that she did not teach him garba like this. She then goes to washroom. Neil also comes to washroom. He sees her coming out. They both enter into an argument and tr to open door, but lock gets jammed. She yells at him. He shuts her mouth and says he is not Aman to listen to her shouting. She tries to open door, but lock breaks. He asks her to stop feeling nervous as everyone know he is her ex-husband. She says exactly, he has to remember that he is her ex-husband. She says she will call Aman for help, calls him and tells she is stuck in changing room. Before she could tell Neil is inside, she cuts call. Neil says Aman will bring everyone in confusion. She says he is more organized. Aman informs Karan who inturn informs Nishi and other family members. Everyone come to her rescue and stand outside door. Ragini says Neil he should do something, else she will be in an embarrassed situation. He taunts at her, but hides behind curtain. Carpenter opens door. Everyone see Ragini alone. She comes out and walks with family.

Neil comes out after some time. Pam sees him coming out and asks what was he doing with Ragini. She badmouths about Ragini and says she is trying to trap him again. He says he has come out of it 15 years ago. She continues her yelling. He asks her to mind her tongue as it is his daughter’s marriage and he does not want her in-laws get one more misunderstanding. Pam says she understands what he is up to and angrily walks out. She then goes and scolds Nivedita for not being with Neil. Nivedita asks what happened. She tells her about the changing room incident and asks her to be careful, else Ragini will fly away again with Neil and she will not marry Neil. Nivedita thinks to confront Neil.

Karan tells Agam that there is a super hot girl in this party. Agam asks who is it. He shows Devika and asks if he does not think she looks better dancing with him. He says he will lure her with his dance now. He goes and starts dancing weirdly with her. Everyone start laughing. Devika says whose weird kid is this and walks out from there. Karan asks if she liked his dance. Agam says she walked out. Karan says he is sure she will come back again for the marriage.

Nivedita tells Neil that he should realize that Ragini has remarried and moved on in life, she is not Ragini to let him go easily, etc.

Devika shows Nivedtia to Ragini and asks who is this chipku woman. Ragini asks her to stop dreaming about Neil. Devika says Neil is hers and says she does not know who is that fool woman who left Neil. Ragini gets irked. Devika walks out saying she has a case to attend at hospital.

Daadi asks all family members to take prasad. Nivedita stretches her hand. Daadi says it is for family members only. Aman hears that and walks out silently. Pam sees him walking, thinks he is Ragini’s present husband, then why did he walk out, she should find out about it.

Precap: Ragini tells Neil that she cannot tolerate Pam insulting Aman and warns also him to behave with Aman.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. SUPERB EPISODE…but pam is doing very bad by saparating such a lovely couple neil and ragini…neil and ragini toghther looks febulous…i just love this show.

  2. Superb epi nd thanks fr d update

  3. is nevidita or Pam ko nikalo is dono me she kisi ka bhi role accha nhi hai

  4. Loved the scene where Neil kissed Ragini’s hand out of concern !!

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