Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 3rd August 2015 Written Episode Update


Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 3rd August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Neil asking Ragini if she complained against him. She says she did not and says he hit her but while fighting with RK. Pam tells she is lying and takes Neil from there. Neil says Ragini denies allegations. Nivedita plays half recorded statement and says Ragini is lying and she gave this statement in police station. Neil says he does not believe it and leaves. Nivedita continues provoking Pam against Ragini. Ranbir says she is right and Ragini tries to hurt his dad always. Pam says they will drop this topic right here and asks him to go and sit in car.

Ragini reaches home with family. She sees home dirty and asks Sunny to clean everyone room. She asks Nishi to wait until her room is cleaned. Nishi yells at her and says because of her, dad is suffering

and leaves with Jignesh.

In the morning, Sunny shows Ragini news about her and Neil. Ragini is shocked and asks who published it. Naani says Aman as she heard him talking about press. Ragini is more shocked.

Pam checks newspapers and yells in front of Karn and Dimpy that Ragini must have forced Aman to publish this news. Nishi with Jignesh comes to meet Neil. Dimpy says he is in room, but Pam say she cannot meet Neil. Nishi asks why. Pam says she is Ragini Patel’s daughter and after what ragini did, she cannot meet Neil. She orders her not to call even aunt/bua and call her Pam and shuts door on her. Dimpy says Nishi is family and she cannot be rude on her. Pam says she just knows that she is Ragini’s daughter and as Neil’s sister, she knows what is best for Neil.

Neil comes down with his children and Karthik and asks if someone came. Dimpy says neighbor came to know their whereabouts. Pam starts her yelling and says Agam and Suhani that they should not think of meeting Ragini after she got Neil arrested. Agam says mom did not give that statement and inspector tampered statement. Pam shouts that her decision is final and they cannot. Karthik asks if he should treat Nishi or not. Pam says it is up to him. Neils says Nishi is his patient and he should continue IVF treatment.

Ragini comes to hospital and asks Aman why did he give her and Neil’s news to press and why is he interfering between them. He says why should he ask her to give bedsheets for pressing. She asks if he is talking about laundry press. He says yes. She says mom told he was talking about press. He says he was talking about laundry. she apologizes him.

Media rushes hospital and starts bombarding questions to Ragini why did she get her ex-husband arrested, if she thinks she will succeed in her plan, etc… Aman shoos them out. Agam comes there and she takes him to a room and tells crying she did not complain about their dad and inspector tampered statement. He says he trusts her and says she should meet dad one at the same place and tells Aman whenever his parents meet they forget all their differences. Ragini agrees to meet Neil once.

Nivedita tampers Neil’s case and informs him that she has transferred his case to Mumbai and he will have to attend court hearing 2-3 times. Agam comes and is shocked to see Nivedita’s drama.

Precap: Nivedita tells Neil that her reporter friend informed Ragini gave statement against Neil and used Agam in her favor. Agam says mom cannot do that and will call right now and ask her. Neil breaks his phone and orders not to take that woman’s name again.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I know what is going to happen if Neil and Ragni has stop loving each other so they will start loving each other again because this is one of those dramas which is interesting but gets boring.

  2. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Why are they prolonging n dragging n the verbal abuse is geting worse eish i dnt belive dat ders so much confusion in realty i kw its just a serial but pls gv us a break n move on pls faster !!! Gggggrrrr

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