Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 31st August 2015 Written Episode Update


Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 31st August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pam calling Karan and ordering him to hold Nivedita in Pune for 1 more day, else she will show his girlfriend’s messages to Dimpy. Nivedita asks Karan whose phone it is and when will they go back to Mumbai, why they are staying back here even after knowing Neil is not here. She calls Pam and asks what is happening. Pam gets nervous and cuts call. Nivedita thinks something is wrong.

Naani with Agam, Suhani, and Sunny tai reach Jignesh’s house and invite his family to attend Neil and Ragini’s marriage. Baa asks how can they think of remarrying at old age after breaking their daughter’s marriage. Naani keeps quiet. Agam tells Jignesh though he does not consider Nishi as his wife, whole family considers him as one of family member,

so he should attend parent’s wedding. Naani says it would be good if they attend marriage and leaves with team.

Pam addresses reporters at marriage venue and says they have gathered to attend US’s famous cardiac surgeon Neil’s marriage with his ex-wife Ragini. Reporter asks she was against Ragini, then how did she change suddenly. Pam says she got wrong info. Neil and ragini enter venue. Pam says they are remarrying for their children’s sake and asks them to click whole family’s pic. Reporter after clicking family pics asks couple to stand. They both stand together. Reporter asks to stand romantically. Agam asks them to go for it.

Neil and Ragini’s sangeet ceremony starts. Pam gets into makeup room and asks Dimpy to get ready soon as their performance will be announced. Dimpy gets up and twists her leg. Sunny comes there. Dimpy says she cannot dance. Pam goes and dances with junior dancers very beautifully on Gori hai kalaiya re…song.

Karan starts munching food in a restaurant. Nivedita asks why is he having food when he came here to go the washroom and says she knows he wants to delay their trip. She asks him to hurry up and goes to pay bill. Karan thinks what to do and drops next table lady’s mobile in her purse. Nivedita comes back and says let us go. He asks where is his mobile, if she took it. Lady shouts that even her mobile is missing. He suggests to ring and check. Her husband rings and finds mobile in Nivedita’s purse. Lady asks why did she steal her mobile. Nivedita shouts that she did not. Karan says he did not know she is kleptomaniac and was stealing Dimpy’s lip balm, makeup kit, etc. Nivedita shouts at him. Lady’s husband asks why is she shouting after stealing things. She says she is a big lawyer and will sue him. He says he is area’s ACP. Karan warns him dare to arrest Nivedita as she is a big lawyer. Man says he will arrest her for sure now.

Agam announces Suhani and Karthik’s performance. They both perform sensuously on Maahi ya barsade….song… Nishi imagines dancing with Jignesh.

Naani calls Neil and says she heard he is marrying and asks him to come with his new wife after marriage to meet her, she will give him 101 rs shagun. He says he will try. She says he should come. Ragini takes phone and speaks. Naani asks who is she. Ragini says she is Asha’s daughter Ragini, her granddaughter. Naani says she does not know she is and asks to disconnect. Neil takes back phone and Naani talks to him again. Ragini gets sad that her naani does not identify her and identifies him. He says it is okay, naani has alzheimer’s and is of very old age.

Pam meets Neil and Ragini and gives contract paper to sign. Neil signs and she asks to read it. Neil says he trusts her and asks Ragini to read. She says even she is fine and signs papers. Pam smirks thinking her plan is working.

RK’s performance starts on Aaj mere yaar ki shadi hai….song…Nishi and other youngsters join him. Neil and Ragini smile seeing his performance. After performance, he hugs them both and congratulates. Neil says he danced well. RK says he is very happy seeing them remarrying and says he always wanted them to be together and he wants good lovers to be together always.

Precap: Pam gets tensed seeing Sunny reading contract papers and says when Ragini and Neil have read and signed papers, why is she reading. Sunny asks what problem she has if she reads and starts reading papers.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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