Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 30th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 30th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with continuation of cricket match. Aman continues commentary with badi naani. Dimpy starts batting while Pam’s teacm continues batting. Jignesh’s batting turn comes and he hits sixer on RK’s ball. Nishi jumps in happiness and encourages Jignesh. Jignesh continues hitting runs, but Agam loses and Pam’s team wins. Aman says Pam’s team won match. Neil comes and says he also will play. Pam says he cannot as she already won it. Badi naani says he can play as Dimpy’s team has needs one more member. Neil takes bat and asks howmany runs they need to win. Dimpy says 5. He says he will hit sixer and hits ball in air. Ranbir catches and says he is out. Sunny umpire looks that he is out of boundary line and says Dimpy’s team

won and Neil is not out. Aman says Dr. Neil created a history., etc.

Jignesh happily tells Nishi that his team own. She ignores him and leaves fuming. Agam sees that and asks him to go and feed Nishi. He changes and goes with food. Nishi fumes at first, but he calms her down and asks to have her ordered fav food. She says how she eat heavy food when she is ill and asks him to give her khichdi and have heavy food with others. He thanks her for understanding his point and asks if she now believes he is a good husband. She says with just one paper, he cannot prove it and he has to continue giving exams. He says he will prove himself in every exam. Sunny and her team watch that and get happy. Karthik gives an idea to reunite them. Sunny asks Suhani where did she get this fantastic item as he speaks only sense and god has stopped making such sensible pieces. Suhani says there was only 1 and she picked it. Sunny jokes she did good. Neil passes by and asks what is happening. Sunny says she is working on her mission to reunite Nishi and Jignesh. Agam says their plan is going well. He walks to Nishi’s room, gives her injection and asks to rest.

Badi naani calls Aman chamanlal and tries to hit him with stick again. Ragini shouts at her that Aman is a owner of Mumbai’s biggest hospital and her fiance, she will marry him soon. Naani loudly calls Neil and he rushes out. Naani says Ragini is telling he is not her husband and someone else is, how can she tell that when everybody knows they are made for each other. Neil takes naani from there to his room. Ragini starts crying that she vented her frustration on naani. Aman says she should understand badi naani’s mental condition. Neil on the other side tells Naani that it is Ragini’s ill fate that she is suffering. She is missing Aarav and is feeling guilty. Ragini on the other side cries and asks aman to bring back Arav somehow. Neil tells naani that Ragini did not mean to hurt him and next time he will set thinks right. She asks him to take her with him as she dooes not like phoolmati and chamanlal. He says he will next time. She asks him to take Ragini also. He nods yes and leaves asking her to rest.

Pam confronts Neil and asks how can he come here without inform her. Did she think, she will stop him if she will know that he is coming to sort out his daughter’s problem. He says he went on a business trip, but could not control himself and came here. She says he did not even question children why they are here and continues yelling. He says that is ok, why did she come here without informing anyone. She goes blank.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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