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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 30th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with inspector telling Neil that his ex-wife gave statement against him, so he cannot be released. Pam enters with Ranbir and Karan and asks where is her brother. Inspector says he is behind bars and will not be rleased. Ranbir says he cannot detain his dad on false statement. Inspector asks him to mind his tongue and shoos him away. Pam panics seeing Neil behind bars.

Ragini enters police station next and tells inspector that she wants to change her statement as he misunderstood her. He says he cannot change statement like this and says she is more confused than him. Aman asks him to mind his tongue. Inspector says he will not let them meet, he can do whatever he wants. Ragini comes back to farm house and sadly reminisces Neil.

Neil behind bars

looks at jail food.. Cell mates taunt him he was boasting his ex-wife will get him out soon, but she did not. They all describe how their wives torture them and sent them to jail. Pam comes back with Nivedita and gives Neil’s bail papers to inspector. Inspector hesitates to free Neil. Nivedita says if he does not, she will file a case on him. Inspector frees Neil. Pam yells because of his ego, he kept his brother behind bars. Inspector says her brother will be behind bars soon. Nivedita challenges that he will not even for a night again and takes Neil from there.

RK asks Ragini’s mom about Ragini. She says she is fine now and says he should not feel guilty as he did not fight purposefully. Ragini comes and asks Aman to call his lawyer soon. Aman says lawyer is on the way. Devika comments that Neil deserves to be in jail. Ragini says he did not hit her purposefully and does not deserve jail. Ranbir enters and asks her to stop her drama now as Neil is bailed out by Nivedita and asks her to stop showing her fake concern, when she had to come to police statio, she did not and now acting. He calls his siblings and asks them to pack bags as dad does not want to come here and see some faces, especially one pointing at Ragini. He says dad will reach mumbai directly and they should leave now. Ragini tells Aman she wants to meet Neil first. He says they are living for Mumbai as Neil may not like meeting her.

Pam brainwashes Neil that the woman he loved got him behind bars and one he hates bailed him out. She continues brainwashing that he thinks from heart and Ragini from brain and took out her revenge. Nivedita says it is good media is not involved, else he would have been in more trouble. She tells though he does not like her in his life, he cannot force her to stop loving him. Neil says he wants to meet Ragini and ask why did she give false statement and heads towards farm house. Nivedita asks Pam to follow him while she finishes legal formalities.

Nivedita goes to inspector’s cabin to sign register when Ragini enters and asks where is Nachiket. Pam asks why did she come after creating such a big drama. Ragini says she told inspector that Neil and RK were fighting and when she tried to interfere, Neil pushed her by mistake and not purposefully, but inspector wrote wrong statement. Nivedita records her statement silently and asks her to go now as Neil does not want to meet her. Ragini says she will go to farm house and will wait for Neil. Nivedita frightens inspector that she recorded Ragini’s statement and she will file a case against him for filing a wrong case to extract money. Inspector says he will shut the case. She says he should not as she wants it to not end. She will give him money and wants him to shut his mouth.

Neil reaches farm house and asks about Ragini. Aman asks him why did he hit Ragini. Neil says he did not. Pam says she was present and Neil hit her by mistake. Aman says he does not believe her and continues alleging Neil that he is egoistic and since he cannot get Ragini now, he tried to kill her. He is a black dot on manhood and was having an affair with other women and even left ragini for his illegal child. Neil slaps him and he falls on floor.

Precap: Sunny shows Ragini a newspaper and says very bad is written about her and Neil. Ragini asks who did it. Sunny says Aman.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Oh God Amam Nivi n Pam villiand pls moving on faster tnx

  2. What a bullshit show is this. What happen to ragini she is so confused and act like a child. Sometime choose AMan over Neil and sometime Neil over aman. I’m stoping watching this f**king show. Useless divorce show.

  3. stupid bewakuf ekta kapoor n team kuch agar creative nh hai to band karlo serial ko chuig gum ki tarah mat kecho
    kahi dekha hai koi bhi aurat apne ex husband or future husband k saath ek hi gharme reh rahi ho stupid thing kitna jeldlne ka
    aur upar se devika bich me aa gayi
    plz seriol ko band karo ya phir log tumhe marne pe majboor ho jayege

  4. I hate dr aman

  5. Ekta thinks audience have no brain this serial is very boring nologic Pam and ragini are idiots plshut this show

  6. all educated, in fact, doctors fighting like dogs n cats..whats happening in this serial.. everyone coming from US to india n staying in someones farmhouse for so if no one has any work..pam is crying for RK as if she is 21 yrs old..why did she show so much attitude when he was expressing his love when she came earlier to india..n now the return of nivedita..oh god..enuf..cant tolerate anymore..

  7. OMG , this is crazy show … R.K waited for Pam the whole life but usne kabhi bhi use ghaas nahin daali aur ab khud ko pyar ho gaya to bas she wants R.K, R.K and R.K … and the way she talks is so rubbish ….. this is one crazy show , I always read telly update about it but whenever I watch the serial , I regret that why I wasted half an hour when reading will not more than 2 min…. INSANE …. and mad show ……….bilku BAKWAS

  8. I hate this ugly serial. Too much boring. Before it began when Sony tv showed us the ad of this serial, I really like that when it started. First episodes were very nice. But after aman’s entry this serial really become boring.

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