Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 30th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 30th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Karan flirting with a girl. Girls calls him uncle and leaves. He gets irked and tells Dimpy that he wants this girl checked up by doc. Dimpy taunts if he loses his tummy,girls may look at him and says he is on diet from today.

Shilpa comes to the engagement venue with Ranbir, sees Arav busy with arrangements and praises that he is handling arrangements efficiently and she is sure he will become a big businessman. Ranbir says he is using dad’s money and Karan’s help, singly he cannot do anything is not more than than a hardworking donkey. Shilpa feels bad. Agam comes with Suhani. Arav asks him how are arrangements. He says they are good and asks how did he arrange money without advance. He says he took his and Akash’s friend’s

help and will pay them once he gets his payment.

Neil gets ready for engagement in his room and tells RK he is confused. RK asks him to elope with Ragini. He says he is not a youngster and has passed that age. RK asks if he will directly speak to Nivedita and says he did not see him so confused till now. Neil gets Pam’s call who asks him to come to the engagement venue soon.

During Aman’s hospital meeting, Ragini gets engrasped in thought and goes into flashback from the day Neil proposed him till their divorce and recent reunity. Another doc asks her opinion regarding this new idea. She does not utter anything. Aman dismisses meeting, calls Neil and asks her to speak. Neil is in engagement venue and picks call. He hears Aman asking her to speak, else she will lose everything. She says she cannot and runs crying. Neil while walking in reminisces Ragini reuniting with her and telling she missed him a lot and wanted to hug and cry, etc. Pam takes him to engagement stage and makes him sit next.

Pam gives speech on stage which irks RK and Karan and Nivedita and her team happy. Pandit asks Nivedita to dorn ring into Neil’s finger. She tries, but Neil stops her and says he wants to talk to her. He takes her out and says they won’t anything with this relationship, no happiness and only sadness. She says he himself proposed her. He says he did not tolerate seeing Ragini with Aman and to show her he has moved ahead, he agreed for the engagement. He does not want to make mistake. He says she will become his wife but he will never become her husband, he will never give the love she deserves. He loves only Ragini from before, even now and in the future. She says she loves him. He repeats same and says because of his misunderstanding he stayed away from Ragini for 15 years and now life has given them a second chance to reunite and lead a family life with children.

Nivedita hugs him and asks him not to do this as she loves him a lot and wanted to be his children’s mother and be part of his life. She says she loves him truly, but he loves Ragini, so she will not hold him, so he should go. He leaves removing his blazer.

Precap: Neil hugs Ragini and says he wants to give her the happiness she deserves. She asks what about Nivedita. He says he told her he will marry her, but will not be her husband and he loves only Ragini. She happily hugs him tight.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nivedita won’t give up
    Bet she’s planning someth I ng

  2. Cute episode but this nivedita won’t give up and ranbhir will not accept rangni ..and pam ….will continue her nonsense she must just get married to RK:D

  3. great episode…..!

  4. Why Neil?……?? Why don’t you go and get married t Ragini ……..again?
    STUPID! But nice episode

  5. I bet nivedita will fake suicide attempt

  6. See how predictable the story is .Everyone can guess in advance what will happen . So be kind producers get them married you can start another season with ranbir shilpa arav triangle !!!!! But noone will watch that .my take is it was a good story well acted but if it had got over in 60 episodes it would be perfect but pulling stretching ….vamps have killed the show

  7. just give it a happy ending no need prolong ,or else your TRP’s will go down and the serial will have to end. i only read the updates as its got a late slot, why not show it at 2100 hrs.

  8. Clare Monnier

    Good episode. Pls dont drag or will spoil the whole show. The vamp is upto something she wont let go so easily.

  9. I will be very honest that this show was a blockbuster when first started but now….. No one is INTERESTED anymore. VAMPS such as EX LOVERS,SAAS,BAHU,AUNT,UNCLE and when you actually see all these series doing all this , it should actually make sense that you are watching HISTORY BEING REPEATED!

  10. what’s the name of the song played in the background??

  11. oh Gosh! hw will he marry nevidita

  12. A nice episode but nivedita is up to something because she loves Neil so much she will not leave him easily.

    1. She doesn’t know what love is! It’s all about status and trying to be better then Ragini!

  13. Silly…where was massi for last 15 years? She just remembered that she had a niece oh and the sacrifice..what nonsense! The goon will be Suhani’s biological father!

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