Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 2nd September 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 2nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Arav telling Ragini that he came to attend marriage on papa’s insistence, else he would not have come. Ragini gets sad. Sunny hears that and asks how can Arav speak to her like this. Ragini says earlier, Ranbir used to misbehave and now Arav has started.

In police station, Nivedita asks karan if he has money to bribe inspector. Karan gives her 1000 rs and says he did not carry much cash. Inspector comes out. She gives him 1000 rs and asks him to let go. He asks her to keep it herself. ACP comes out and orders inspector to keep Nivedita in police station whole night, else he will suspend him. Inspector says Nivedita she has to stay here. Karan says he will go to his farm house and come back in the morning and leaves. Inspector asks her to

have missal pav and sleep tonight here. Karan comes back, gives her mosquito repellent and leaves. Inspector leaves for dinner and asks constable to keep an eye on her. Constable gets phone call and leaves. Nivedita senses opportunity and calls Neil and tells she is in police station. Inspector comes back and disconnects call. He says he knew she would do something, so he came back.

Karan informs Pam that Nivedita is in police station for whole night. She gets happy and praises him. She then sees Neil speaking over phone and asks whose call it was. He says Nivedita, she told she is in police station. Pam gets tensed.

In the morning, Nivedita asks inspector if she can go now. He says yes. Another inspector reads news about Ragini and Neil’s remarriage. Inspector says Neil divorced his wife 18 years ago and is now remarrying after ditching Nivedita. Nivedita hears this and reads news paper. Karan comes back. She asks if he knew about Ragini and Neil’s marriage. He says he is not and is surprised.

Arav gets Neil ready in the morning. Pam also gets ready and asks them to rush as they are late. While traveling in car, Pam calls Karan and praises him for holding Nivedita in police station whole night. Nivedita replies instead of Karan and shouts that she will come there and stop their marriage. Pam disconnects call and asks driver to hurry up. Heil asks why is she in a hurry. She says they are already late. Dimpy asks what happened. Pam says Nivedita knows everything now and is coming to stop marriage. Dimpy asks whatt…Neil asks what happened to her. Pam says she is funny.

Arav and Ranbir reach Ragini’s house with bags. Sunny takes them in and says she has placed Ranbir and Agam’s bags in one room, Naani and pam’s in one, Ragini and Neil’s in one, Suhani and Nishi in one, Arav does not have any room now, so he should sleep in balcony. Arav asks why he should sleep in balcony. She says he is papa’s boy and is a guest here, so he should sleep in balcony.

Nivedita reaches Ragini’s home and finds it locked. She asks neigbhor if she knows where is Ragini’s marriage happening. Neibhor says Malad but does not know marriage hall. Nivedita leaves yelling she will not let this marriage happen and drives herself.

Neil with Dimpy and Pam reaches marriage hall. RK stops him and forces him to dance and joins youngsters. Neil joins them and then enters marriage hall with family. Naani washes his feet with milk. Sunny asks her to pull Neil’s nose as per rituals.

Nivedita rams car to an auto. Auto driver asks her to get out of car and starts fighting with her. She takes 1000 rs from Karan and gives it to auto driver. Driver says she has to accompany him to a garage and check repair expense. She gives him her card and asks him to call her inform expense, she will send him money. He says he does not believe her. She gives her gold bangles. Karan comments that bangles can be fake. Driver does not accept bangles and asks her to accompany him to the garage.

Neil and Ragini’s marriage rituals start. They exchange garlands after a big of usual ritual games.

Precap: No precap today.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Oh God now awaiting Niv to get away n hoping for the new weds new reromancing lolllll Atleast gv us sum love n laughs…

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