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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 2nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Jignesh’s parents consoling Nishi and says they will consult another doctor. Nishi says you will keep quiet for some days and then again asks for a child. She says my husband is not even 25 years of age, but has make face like a 60 years old man. She says she doesn’t want any child. It is good that she is not becoming a mum. Jignesh asks her to stop and says he won’t tolerate his parents’ insult. Nishi gets angry and throws something on Jignesh, but it falls on his mum and she gets injury on her hand. Jignesh tells she has gone mad. He says you are not the same Nishi, whom I used to love. Jignesh calls Ragini and asks her to call Nishi to stay in her home for some days. Ragini gets tensed and worried.

Neil tells Suhani is 18 years only and wants to

go on an island with someone. Suhani says he is Dr. Karthik. Neil is surprised. Suhani says you had girlfriends too, when you was young. She says Pam told her. Neil says I was a boy and was matured at young age. Pam says I didn’t know anything about island trip, just know that he is coming home for dinner. Neil says you are telling me lastly. He pretends to get angry. Dr. Karthik comes. Neil says I know that you are making women’s pregnant with your medicines. Dr. Karthik says he and Suhani are dating each other. Neil asks him to forget about dating as Suhani is much younger and asks him to have dinner. He takes him inside for dinner.

Ragini tells Nishi that everything will be fine. Nishi says my marriage is over. She says nothing is left in my life. She is broken and cries. Ragini consoles her and cries with her. Neil and everyone sit for dinner. Neil says it means they are friends, marriage is the last thing. Dimpy asks Devika, how did RK propose her? Karan says he created heaven for Dimpy and proposed her. Dimpy says it was memorable, but things were different. She asks Devika to ignore him and tells about how did Rk propose her. Devika says we were going steadily, but he didn’t propose me. Finally I proposed him. He replied via sms saying thank you for your request. Devika reads Pam’s messages on RK and asks are you serious RK? RK looks on tensed.

Neil is having dinner with Karthik and everyone. Karthik coughs. Neil says he made the food. Karthik says he liked it. Neil asks why you wants to date and marry Suhani? Suhani says they don’t want to marry now. Neil asks then why you are dating? Karthik says we shall know each other and give time to think about marriage. Neil asks if you have kept her on trial. He says for a successful marriage, one has to accept each other demerits. Ragini gives tips to Nishi about marriage. Neil asks how you will give time to Suhani. Suhani says they really like each other and will take time out to spend with each other. Ragini explains to Nishi about adjustments in marriage. She says she didn’t want her to repeat her mistakes.

Neil tells him that he tried to make his marriage successful, but couldn’t and that’s why he is explaining things. He says I don’t want anything wrong happen to you, Agam, Suhani or Ranbir. Suhani apologizes to Neil and says she didn’t want to hide about Karthik from him. Neil says I am not hurt. Ragini explains to Nishi to walk 2 steps towards Jignesh and he might walk 4 steps towards you. Nishi refuses. Ragini asks her to give chance. Nishi says you couldn’t make your relation fine even after 16 years.

Aman asks Ragini to talk to Neil about Nishi’s problem. Ragini says what he could do, when he can’t help himself. Aman says may be he can help Nishi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Intresting episode

  2. Very nice episode.

  3. bad episode

  4. Ragini’s character is getting to be stupid, shellfish and arrogant. she needs to get over herself!
    No women/mother would be doing what she’s doing.
    Terrible writing..

  5. gud advice from doc aman. i have a feeling dat kumar can b of help 2 nishi.

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