Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 2nd February 2015 Written Episode Update


Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 2nd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pam requesting Neil to save her. He asks what happened. She says Nishi’s would be in-laws have come and they are irritating her with their English, she will forget her English if she talks to them. Neil says he will handle the situation and goes out to meet them. He greets them. Jignesh’s grandma gives him marriage invitation card and says though Ragini did not print his name in her card, they have printed his name in their card. He checks. Jignesh’s mom says their relatives are asking why Nishi’s father’s surname is Khanna and mom’s name Patel. Dad says it is okay. Nivedita comes there and Grandma asks if also stays here. Neil says she is their old friend and stays here whenever she comes to Mumbai. Grandma gifts

Pam a Maharastrian sari and asks her to wear it in tomorrow pooja. Pam resists at first but agrees on Neil’s insistence. Once Jignesh’s family leaves, Karan taunts Pam laughs and she gets irked.

Pam reaches pooja venue and angrily says Agam that she was forced to wear this sari. She stumbles, but Nivedita holds her. Pam asks her to go back to parking lot and come with Neil. Neil joins Nivedita. Aman greets them in. Neil taunts him that he comes early in every function and leaves late. Nivedita compliments Aman for his dress. He says Ragini selected it. Neil taunts that he wears, eats, and does everything what Ragini asks. Aman says we should do what our dear ones ask to do. Neil sees Ragini in a beautiful gujrati sari and goes into flashback where he praises her for wearing gujrati sari and gets romantic. Aman says she is looking hot. Ragini hears that and scolds Aman. Nishi comes and hugs Neil. He says she is looking pretty today. She says he did not see her at all since childhood and is seen her now.

Jignesh’s family enters pooja venue. Neil and family greets them in. Pooja starts and pandit asks Nishi and Jignesh to sit for pooja. Aman keeps looking at Ragini. Apne to apne hote hain….song plays in the background. Ragini sees him looking at her and feels embarrassed. After pooja, Pandit asks would be bride and groom to take their parent’s blessings. They take Jignesh’s parent’s blessings and then Neil and Ragini’s. Ragini looks at Neila and reminisces their romance, holding each other. Sunny tai sense their uncomfortability.

Nivedita sees Pam’s unfortability in sari and helps her correct it. Ragini sees Devika with Neil and gets jealous. Pam sees them together and gets jealous.

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Pam sees Sunny clicking her pic and gets irked. She rushes towards her and slips. Sunny holds her, but leaves when Pam asks her to leave. Pam asks why was she clicking pics. Sunny says her mom asked her to take pics of weird thinks. Pam asks her to look at her face first. Sunny says she was joking. Pam angrily walks out.

Ranbeer sees Shilpa and starts staring at her. Shilpa also reciprocates and gets shy. Everyone is busy in rituals. Jignesh’s grandma shouts to stop. Everyone gets tensed. Granda says she does not give tension always and asks them to start garba. Everyone start dancing happily. Ragini distributes prasad to everyone. Neil also accepts prasad and gets emotional. Nivedita sees that and starts dancing with him to
divert his attention. Ragini gets jealous and starts dancing with Aman. Neil gets jealous seeing them.

Precap: Ragini shouts at Neil to press and open lock. He shuts her mouth and says he is not Aman to listen to her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. NICE EPISODE…the show is going good..

  2. wow lovely love it when neil and ragini looks at each other with so much always bring two peolpe back together.ragini you look so beautiful today.

  3. Ronit Roy is an excellent actor.He should be in the first row of bollywood.His acting,fitness & expression must be watchable in the world of entertainment.He is just awesome.

  4. ragini looks fab in flashback scene …love them together can’t wait to see this…..

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