Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 2nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 2nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Neil coming to Ragini’s home and asks if they can leave now. She says okay and goes in to get gift boxes. Aman asks him to have breakfast and gives him pakoras. Neil tries and says he will buy a stall and he can prepare snacks there in partnership. Aman says cooking is his hobby. Neil says his dad told if hobby becomes profession, there will be huge profit. He then hears Suhani’s voice and goes to room, sees Agam holding Nishi’s pic and speaking. Neil asks why is he talking in girl’s voice and asks if he is alright. Agam says he is missing Nishi a lot. Ragini comes with gift boxes and asks Neil and Aman to come now. Neil asks Agam to reach home in the evening soon and leaves with Ragini and Aman to Nishi’s house.


insists Nishi to accompany him for a party and she says no. They start arguing. Neil enters with Ragini and Aman and gives them gifts. Ragini says Nishi everyone is missing her, especially Arav and she should come to her home soon. Neil suggests to come next week. Jignesh asks them to have juice. Neil says they are in a hurry and leaves with Ragini and Aman. In car, Neil says he felt there is a rift between Jignesh and Nishi. Ragini says they are newly married and are in love, some misunderstanding is common and says when they used to fight, her naani or mom used to not interfere, so they should also not interfere in their daughter’s life.

Agam reaches home. He calls Suhani and asks if mom reached home. She says she came and is changing. Agam continues talking. Nivedita listens to his conversation and realizes Suhani is at Ragini’s house.

Suhani speaks to Ragini and asks her to tell why she got divorced with Neil. Ragini says it is a 15-year-old story. Suhani insists. Ragini says Neil came to operation theater when she was helping surgeon and proposed her. She goes into flashback where Neil falls for her and continues pestering her to marry him. He gets into taxi, follows her in hospital, everywhere…She continues telling that Neil did not come to hospital for 3 months and she waited for him. Finally, she went to his home and asked why did not he come to hospital as all nurse and his girlfriends are asking about him. He asks she looks like more concerned than anyone else and says she is in love with him and should marry him. He says he is a doc and is well settled. She says he runs from committment. He says he will commit to her and says since he fell in love with her, he burnt his black diary. She says she does not believe him. He says if she does not, then she can leave right now. She smiles and says she promised daadaji to take care of him when he needs her and says he has to promise he will not break his promise. He says he will not and hugs her.

Ragini further reminisces Neil’s boundless romance and sowing a plant and telling as this plant grows, their love will also grows. She says as their love grew, they got new members in family and Ranbir, Nishi, Agam, Arav were born. Suhani asks what happens next. Ragini says Rupali came in between them and they divorced.

Precap: Suhani and Agam speak. Agam says god is punishing them since 15 years without mom and cannot be so ruthless. Suhani says she is not his real sister. He says she is and will be aalways.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I think its high time now Nivedita will be thrown out.i just hate her.she always wants to create differences between NEIL AND RAGINI(RAGS).

  2. I hate u ronit roy, how come u r doing this rubbish serial!!!! plz its nothing but a bullshit . there is no story, everybody is acting like puppet, no life in any character. u only one alone dragging this show. leave it. plz sir leave it. sorry but thanks

  3. when nei wil knw dat ragni has not married n he wil again fall for ragini n let dis aman fall for nevedita den it wil b intrestin … story s bein bore plzzz do sth intresting …

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