Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 29th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 29th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts Agam’s crush coming to deliver milk and seeing Ragini with hand crutch. She says if she needs help, she can asks Sunny tai’s assistant who went down just now. Ragini gets confused. Agam comes wearing dhoti and says he had gone for jogging. Ragini asks in dhoti. Agam says it is very cool and he can wipe his sweat with it. Ragini smiles. He then asks Sunny’s address. She asks why he needs. He says to order online at her address. Ragini says he can give her address. Agam says he wants to surprise Sunny, gets nervous and runs into saying he will take bath. Ragini asks if she hired any assistant. Sunny gets confused.

Ragini gets into and sees Neil waking up. She tries to comb her hair with difficulty. Neil asks if he should help.

She says no. She then goes to bathroom and tries to open toothpaste with difficulty. Neil says if she does not need help even now. She agrees. He brushes her teeth and even feeds her bread and jam breakfast. Sunny sees their romance and clicks pics thinking family will be happy seeing their togetherness.

Krishnakanth calls his creditor and says Neil will pay his debt, so he should not call him again for money and should call Neil instead. Jignesh hears that and asks why did he tell creditor like that. He says when Neil has promised, he should repay their debts. Jignesh says he did not speak to Neil yet. He says when he they are ready to keep neil’s daughter here, neil should pay their debt. He then shouts at his wife to reheat his tea and bring it back.

Arav wakes up. Whole family gathers around him and reacts normally. Sunny gives him lemon water and asks what he needs in breakfast. Pam signals everyone to be silent and says she is going for lunch at Dimpy and Karan’s house. Agam says papa wants to talk to Arav. Nivedita calls Arav and shows fake concern. He says everyone behaved normally and papa wants to meet him. Nivedita asks him to meet papa calmly and not to worry, she is with him. Arav thanks her and disconnects. Nivedita thinks she will use Ragini’s children against her and kick her out of Neil’s life.

Arav meets Neil at terrace. Neil thanks him for teaching him a lesson and takes out alcohol bottle and glasses. He says in childhood his friends provoked him to copy in exam and he got caught and lost 1 year, he did not drink then, a girl rejected him in college and he was in depression for weeks even then he did not drink, his grandpa transferred all his property in Ragini’s name, even then he did not drink, but today his son taught him to drink when in depression. He pours alcohol in 2 glasses and asks him to drink. Arav feels guilty and says sorry. Neil asks him to apologize his mom instead as he insulted her most.

Super naani’s jokes start. She thinks Nishi as her classmate and asks if her maths results came. Agam says she failed. Naani asks him to shut up as he stole mangoes from orchard. Sunny asks if she took medicine and takes her from there. Arav comes and apologizes everyone. Naani says she does not have to. Arav apologizes Ragini. Neil enters. Kabhie khushi kabhie gham….song… plays in the background.

Precap: Pam says Nivedita if she thinks Neil will take her help, she is wrong. Nivedita says she loves Neil and nobody can stop her from uniting with him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nonsense story line….another flop….

  2. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Yip Ramya agreed…

  3. One day Pam asks 20 crore to RK, thinking that karan is out of town, next day episode he is waiting on the road. If he(karan) is out of town, can’t Pam call him n ask for help?.
    For those who are watching this serial, I wish to remind you that niveditha is one among the story writer. Then how u all expect her to be out of scene.
    There are 4 or 3 docs (say Neil, ranbir, karthick, suhani??), what are they doing?
    What about the study of suhani,arav, n agam?
    Thank you for the updates, otherwise we will be wasting our time watching this.

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