Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 29th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 29th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with RK telling that he is clear that he loves Devika. Ragini says it is clear now. Neil says when he did not want to marry Pam, why did he start internet chatting and provoked her to come here. Pam herself confessed that she came here for him. RK says Pam does not love him and it is just her ego. He asks when he got divorced long ago, Pam also left to take care of his children, leaving him alone here and did not even think once about him. Now that he is going to settle down with Devika, Pam’s ego is hurt that he was running behind her for many years and now is move ahead in life. Neil calls Pam. RK asks her not to as Pam is just an arrogant and egoistic woman. Neil gets irked and starts beating him. RK starts bleeding profusely. Devika and Ragini try

to stop Neil, but he continues beating RK.

Devika calls police and then runs to Pam’s room and knocks her door, but Pam is busy crying and listening to music with ear phone. Ragini then runs and knocks door. Pam comes out and Ragini asks her to save RK from Neil. Neil continues strangulating RK. Ragini interferes, but Neil pushes her and she strikes her head and falls unconscious. Inspector comes with his team. Devika pleads him to save her fiance from Neil. Constables catch Neil. Inspector asks what happened to this lady/ragini. Devika says Neil in a fit of rage pushed her on wall. Inspector arrests Neil and Neil says he is Ragini’s ex-husband and why will he harm her. Inspector says this is a valid reason to arrest him and drags him out. Pam requests Devika to take back her complaint. She says she will not as Neil is guilty.

Pam runs behind inspector and asks him to free Neil as Neil is a famous cardiac surgeon from US and did not hit his wife. Inspector says he will not until he investigates. Karan comes back with whole group. They are all shocked to see Pam pleading inspector and asks what is happening. Pam says Neil is arrested. Inspector says he tried to kill his ex-wife. Aman and everyone run inside house. Aman takes Ragini to a room to treat her. Pam continues RK and Devika to take back their complaint. Devika says she will not and tells Neil purposefully hit RK and Ragini as he does not want RK and Devika’s marriage and wants Pam to marry RK instead, he is a criminal and deserves to be in jail. Pam gets irked, holds her hand and warns her if anything happens to Neil, she will not spare her and even RK knows how determined she is. Aman comes and says Neil did wrong by hitting Ragini and if anything happens to her, he will get Neil punished.

Ragini wakes up and calls Neil and RK’s name. Inspector enters and asks her to give statement. Aman asks inspector to wait and Ragini to relax. Inspector sends everyone out. Aman says he will not as he is Ragini’s doc now. Inspector asks him to stand silently and asks Ragini to give statement. She says RK and Neil were fighting and she got hit by mistake while trying to stop their fight. Inspector writes that Neil tried to kill her and asks her to sign. She asks what did he write. He says whatever she said and forcefully takes her signature. Ragini runs behind him, but he shoos her away. Pam asks inspector if she can come and bring Neil back. He says Neil will go to jail as Ragini gave statement against him.

Ragini tells Aman that she has to go and bring back Neil. Aman says she cannot go to police station with her condition. Ragini says she knows, but she has to. Pam comes and with her arrogant loud male voice starts yelling at Ragini that she purposefully got Neil arrested. Ragini says she did not give statement against Neil. Pam says she does not believe her. Aman says Ragini is right. Pam shouts at him to stay away as he is Ragini’s puppet and just listens to her and challenges that if anything happens to Neil, she will not spare Ragini. Ragini forcefully gets up and walks towards police station.

Neil asks inspector to let him go home as his ex-wife’s life is at risk. Inspector says she is awake now and has given statement against him, so he has made domestic violence case against him.

Precap: Nivedita bails out Neil. Pam warns inspector to free Neil now. Neil asks Nivedita why did she come back.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Not nice epi
    Nivedita again

  2. round and round the mulberry bush, the monkeys chased the weasels…
    pls end this show …too much emotional atyachar on viewers and ronit come back in adalat

    1. I agree…show is getting worse and a waste of time…I am not going to watch until it gets better

  3. Too much negativity
    And dragged unnecessarily
    Waste of time

  4. This show is fast becoming g unwatchable high emotion s love go I g off track a typical ekta show
    stopped watch I g tuned in yesterday was shocked it’s too negative and depressing one watches tv to b entertained

  5. all the events of the show were unnecessarily dragged……forcefully getting the signature of Ragini and Neil beating rk everything was unnecessary…plz stop the show if you don’t have anything good to show in the show..

  6. Show is getting worse and dragged unnecessarily…….. totally waste of time.

  7. Typical ekta’s show… keeps dragging the serial and it goes no where…my god now the officer without knowing Neil changes the statement to put him in jail and Ragini without reading it signs too… unlivable and horrible show… from the blue moon Nivadita comes in the picture again… so there is no end to it as it just goes round and round…. please stop the show if you have nothing interesting to show…

  8. there are few show which should be stopped like this one…..all rubbish is filled in these types of show….and they provide wrong message to the world……and the most important one that they provide us with the material to how to misuse the law made for the people of India……blo*dy hellll….huge disappointment for the show makers……guys waise bhi lawyers ki koi achi image nhi hai….. tumlog aur bar bad kar do

  9. iknmp is bad show…………………..iknmpibs đŸ™‚

  10. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Am soooo totally agree wit all the above comments well said guys.
    i c serials now promoting violence n verbal abuses as part day to day life eish man.
    August in my country is POWA month against abuse of all kinds to children n women!!! I am also sick of iknmp.honestly i stopd watching am reading updates to avoid mental trauma to myself….

  11. Plz stop crying sceans in thz serial drama..
    .make ragini and Neil each other….otherwise stop serial

  12. Stupid serial

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