Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 29th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 29th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nivedita busy with her mother and sister. Neil enters. Sisters taunt him that he has to wait for some more days. Nivedita calls him in, but he leaves. Pam who is also present there tells he got shy hearing sisters’ taunt.

Aman and Ragini enjoy coffee. He asks her to go and tell Nivedita directly that she still loves Neil and wants him back. RK on the other side asks Neil why did not he tell Nivedita that he does not want to marry her. He says she wanted to speak her alone and by the way he himself proposed her and got engaged, so he will not break their engagement and trouble Nivedita.

Agam and Suhani reach Ragini’s house and asks Sunny tai where is mom. She says left for office just now. They ask what about Naani. She says

she went to temple along with badi naani. They say they had work with her and tell as she knows Ragini and Neil’s differences are cleared now, so they want her to help them unite. She says already Nivedita is engaged to Neil, so she cannot do anything, but does not like short-cloth scheming Nivedita. Agam says she is Suhani’s aunt. Suhani says she really wants mom and dad to reunite. Sunny says god Hanuman can help them, takes them to hanuman’s idol and prays for Neil and Ragini’s reunity.

Arav meets don Babu bhai and says he needs money for his business. Don say she knows his parents also as he cross checks all his customer’s background and asks how much money he needs. Arav says 10 lakhs and says he will return in 2-3 days once he gets payment. Babu gives him 6 days and asks him to return 12 lakhs with 2 lakhs interest. Arav agrees.

Agam suggests Suhani she should ask Nivedita to back off from marriage. She goes to meet her, but she is surrounded by relatives. She takes Nivedita to the balcony and tells mom and dad love each other a lot, so she should back off from marriage. Nivedita starts crying and asks what about her. Suhani says she will get lots of thanks. Nivedita says she is her neice, but she is worried more about Ragini instead. Niedita says she loves Neil very much and wil not break alliance. Suhani says dad doe snot love her and egen if she marries him, he will not love her they way she deserves. Nivedita says Neil himself proposed her and she accepted his proposal for her sake. Suhani asks why she. Nivedita starts her emotional blackmail and says she wanted to become her mother and even left Kolkota for her. Suhani says she will get anyone and can live happily with him. Nivedita says she needs only Neil and says if Neil does not love her, why did not he tell her directly. She does not care whoever tries to stop her engagement, she will get engaged to Neil and will marry him for sure. She asks her to get ready for the engagement tomorrow and try not to make any mistake. Suhani sadly leaves.

Neil gets ready for engagement and asks RK to stop staring at him and tell a plan to break his engagement. RK says he is looking so tensed and even then he is going ahead. Neil asks him to stop frightening him and tell an idea. He asks him to go and tell Nivdita directly that he does not want to marry her. Pam calls RK and asks where is Neil. RK says Neil does not want to get engaged.

Precap: Neil pushes his finger back when Nivedita tries to dorn him engagement ring and tells he wants to talk to her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Oh God Pls break rokaa n go to Ragini plssss Neil…

  3. I’m sure neil will not engage her. Such a drama queen

  4. Just tell nivedita n stop this engagement drama for god sake and marry pam with RK so that she will be busy in her own life and go back to you agam and suhani.
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