Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 28th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 28th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with inebriated Arav shouting at building secretary and asking him to come out. His friend tries to calm him down. Secretary comes at balcony and says he will come down and teach him a lesson. Neil and family also reaches down and tries to control Arav. Arav holds secretary’s collar. Neil holds Arav, but Arav shouts that Ragini brainwashed him also and took him away from him. Neil says he is inebriated and is talking nonsense. Arav continues shouting. Neil slaps him and he falls down. Neil asks people to go now and takes Arav home.

At home, Ragini tells she told not to let Arav alone, else he will get out of control. Neil asks Akash why did not he inform where he and Arav are. Akash says he informed Nivedita and she herself gave them money and

sent. Dimpy backs Akash and says she saw Nivedita giving money to Arav. Neil starts scolding Nivedita and asks why did she send Arav. Nivedita she sent them to enjoy and have party. Neil says he is Arav’s father and must know everything. She yells that because of Ragini’s bad sanskar/upbringing, Arav is spoilt. Neil says she should not talk about Sanskar, as Ragini brought up Arav with great difficulty. RK tells Nivedita he and Dimpy are leaving now and will drop her. Nivedita unwilling leaves with them. Karn joins them on the way and they all 3 start taunting and bullying her.

In room, Ragini tries to pick water mug and writhes in pain. Neil comes out of washroom and says she would have called him. She says she is worried about Arav now as he has started drinking. Neil consoles her.

In children’s room, Agam asks Ranbir if he apologized mom. Ne says it is none of his business. Nishi asks him to stop hating mom and says he and Arav are a big menace for mom. Ranbir says because of her, mom is more tensed than them. Their arguments continue.

Nivedita reaches home and fumes reminiscing Neil’s concern for ragini. She also reminiscing him scolding her and starts crying that she tried her best to come closer to him, but he is going closer to ragini instead. She will get Ragini out of Neil’s life soon and get closer to him again.

RK comes to meet Pam and calls her. She comes down in night gown and asks why did he come at this time. He says he wanted to see her, so he came. She says she would have changed at least. He laughs and says nobody will see her. They start their nok jhok and conversation.

Agam wakes up early in the morning and walks out of house in servant’s attire holding broom to impress his crush. Girl sees him and starts conversing. He praises her beauty first and then says he has to save each penny to feed his family.

Nivedita smiles like an evil thinking of her plan to get rid of Ragini from Neil’s life. She opens her laptop and sends Neil’s US hospital documents and thinks after Neil reads them, he will kick out Ragini and Pam from his life, then only she will be with him forever.

Precap: Arav apologizes Neil. Neil says he should apologize Ragini instead as she bought him up with great difficulty, but he insulted her under influence of alcohol.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Someone pls kill nivi!!!! Murphys law the more she trys to separate NR the closer the kids will bring them n the two wil become gud parents….
    show more konjok RN PR…

  2. Happy to see my decission was right not to see the drama regularly if someone sees it once in a month it’s inof.
    Nothing has changed I was thinking everything would be well settle.
    Just sick of it.

  3. chander

    nivi’s behavior shows indian unmarried successful lady has no sense of humor running after a guy who has 5 children and his unconditional love for ragini . Seeing her behavior audience abroad think indian ladies are nothing but waste of their lives, has nothing to do in life

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