Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 28th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 28th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Agam telling Suhani that Arav invited them for dinner. They both each Ragini’s house. Arav gets irked seeing suhani and asks how dare she is to come here even after troubling his mom. Ragini comes and asks Arav and Agam to stop acting. They both laugh. Ragini thanks Suhani for clearing her and Neil’s misunderstanding and says she called her and Agam to celebrate. Suhani happily runs and hugs her. They both then go back home and Suhani tells Neil that mom herself invited her for dinner and forgive her, now they all can live happily. Neil says he got engaged to Nivedita and nothing can be done now. Agam and Suhani get sad.

Pam gets inebriated thinking Neil is getting closer to Ragini. She calls Aman and asks him to tell Ragini whatever she

tries, she will never let her reunite with Neil. He says he will not and cuts call. Badi naani calls Aman, refers him as her husband Asha ke baapu and asks when will he come for dinner. He will get late and asks her to have dinner. She says she wants him to teach lesson to chaman lal driver as he is eying on their daughter Asha. He thinks she is badmouthing about himself and says he will break chamanlal’s legs. She asks to spray chilli powder also. He says he will and cuts call.

Nivedita’s mother and sisters come to meet her at Karan’s house. Karan starts flirting with sister and tells he is bengali and his name is Koron Chattopadhyay. Dimpy comes just then and introduces Karan as her husband Karan Kapoor. Sister says he is a flirt. Dimpy gets irked on Karan. Arav comes there to collect advance from Nivedita to pay decorators. She gets busy with her sisters and asks him to manage someone as he is a businessman now, she will pay him later. Neil sees him and asks if he needs something. He says no. Neil asks if he is studying. Arav says he is studying at night and working in day. Neil goes back to his room.

Neil calls Ragini and asks why did she call. She says he called. He gets nervous and starts talking about patients and then says he will call her later. She asks him to call for sure and cuts call. RK enters his room and says because of his mistake, he is suffering, but he can save his life with one step. Neil asks what is it.

Ragini calls Neil and asks if he is busy. He says no. She asks what is he doing and says he left yesterday and she thought he is angry. He says he is not. She says Agam and Suhani came to her house. He says they informed him. She asks what did he say. He says he told them that he is not lucky like them that he can go to Ragini’s house and have food any time. She says she did not prepare special food yesterday, so she did not call him. He asks what did she prepare today. She says dal roti and will invite him next time and cuts call. RK asks Neil to stop playing hide and seek with himself.

Precap: Neil tells RK that he himself proposed Nivedita and got engaged to her, so he cannot back off now. Aman suggests Ragini to go and tells Nivedita that she and Neil love each other and want to reunite, Nivedita may change her decision.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thanks Hasan.i so look frward to read ur updates! My anxiety is geting the better of me…help pls going fward spoliers


    1. U are stupid bastard

  2. Nivedita is silly she must think how will she be ☺ if dey get married while her would to be ♥s someone else
    Idiot she’s spoiling 3 ppls lives
    I hate Pam
    Who do u guys think niceduta phone to ask for help
    How can rk even ♥ someone like Pam
    Only sensible person is agam n den suhani n Dis ranbir n shilpa r da least sensible

  3. Story cannot be believed any more neil is indifferent to nive loves ragi but just cause he is engaged he cant go to his exwife with who he has four children .thousands of engagements break and what will nive do after marriage when neil will not even touch her .grow up ekta dont just pull serial on this stupid note that no one can agree to or understand . Balaji is excellent at killing serial people will stop watching they ha ve to no one watches things they dont believe in

    1. spot on!
      goes with the times, no one in this day and age have to put themselves through this because of society!!

  4. Neil plzzz leave nivedita Dnt make her understand bcozz she is the real vamp and will do maodrama.dnt listen ur fooljsh sis Pam

  5. pls dont drag this nivedita engagement drama..neil has to call it quits imdtly n unite with his full fly..if ranbir does not accept ragini, he can very well go with her pam to usa..waiting for some good moments btwn neil n ragini..agam n suhani u both rock..aman n nani also too good..

  6. plz call off the engagement neil bt may b nive can understand what ragini will try 2 tel her abt neil

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