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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 27th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ragini hearing ladies calling a man handsome and praising him. She sees man’s back and thinks it is her husband Nishiket. Man turns and she gets relaxed that it is someone. She holds Dr. Neil’s nameboard and he passes from behind her.

Neil travels with his friends in a car. Nishi and Jignesh rush towards airport in their bike to meet Neil. In a hurry, they crash with Neil’s car and meet with an accident. Pam come out and starts panicking and asks Neil not to help the victims and flee from there. He asks her to calm down and says he is a doctor and cannot see them like this. He pushes her, picks them both and gets them to City Hospital. He asks nurses to call doc and perform surgery on them. Nurse says doc is not available. He

says he will perform surgery. She says he cannot. He says he will sue their hospital if something happens to them. Nurse agrees and takes them to OT. Pam gives nurse Nishi’s mobile. Neil asks nurse to call their family members. She calls Ragini who informs Arav and other family members and rushes towards hospital.

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Neil performs surgery on Nishi. Nurse says girl’s pulse is dropping. He says until he is there, nothing will happen to her. After performing surgery, he asks her to open her eyes and says he is with her. Nishi gets a flashback of her childhood with her father who says same words. She opens her eyes slowly, but sees some other doc as Neil has moved away.

Neil gets ready after surgery, gives money to nurse for Nishi’s rest of treatment and leaves talking on mobile. Ragini also comes there talking on mobile and they both cross and clash, their phone falls down and they pick them without noticing each other. Ragini starts walking again saying some arrogant man clashed with her and Neil same same. She reaches reception and asks about Nishi. Nurse says she is in ICU. She goes to ICU, but doc does not let her in. She stands out and asks doc if she is fine. Doc says she is out of danger and once anesthesia effect wears off, she can meet her. Jignesh comes out of his room and demands that he wants to meet Nishi. Nurses try to stop him saying his hand is injured, he says he does not care, sees Ragini and asks how is Nishi. Nurse informs Nishi is awake now. She runs to her room. Nishi asks how is Jignesh. Jignesh comes and says he is fine.

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Ragini and Jignesh’s families reach hospital. Jignesh’s mom starts crying that she had gone to watch English movie and did not know Jignesh has met with an accident. Jignesh says he is fine. Doc says Jignesh is discharged now and says Ragini that Nishi will also be discharged. Nurse says Ragini both Jignesh and Nishi are worried for each other and not eating and says she is lucky to have such a good son-in-law. Her mom asks her to change her mind and let Nishi marry Jignesh, says even she loved someone, but it was her ill fate. She says she is worried that Jignesh is illiterate, but she and Nachiket were educated, even then they separated without thinking about their children and says nothing like that will happen to Nishi. Jignesh comes and asks Ragini to have food. Ragini says he can marry Nishi, but he has to wait for 5 years.

Ragini asks receptionist to give Nishi’s hospital bill. Nurse says doc who brought Nishi paid bill and even did operation. She asks to show his name and is surprised to see Neil K’s name.

Precap: Pam is shocked to see Ragini’s pic in the hospital which Neil has come to operate a girl.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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