Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 27th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 27th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with RK telling Pam that he was confused between her and Devika and since he had move ahead in life with either of them, he chose Devika on Ragini’s explanation. He waited for her for many years, but she was in her own words. She asks what about the promises he made when she came here. He says he does not have any justification and says he is tired of running away from himself, so he wants to settle down now. He is committed to Devika and will not leave her now. She will be his first love for ever.. He pats her cheek and leaves. Pam starts crying vigorously reminiscing RK shower of love towards her.. Jag suna suna lage….song plays in the background…

Devika tells Naani and Aman that she is very excited about her marriage and suggests Aman

to marry immediately with Ragini after she marries RK. Naani asks Ragini if she got Junagad’s tickets. Aman asks who is going to Junagad. naani says badi naani is going as she is not keeping well now a days. Ragini says she has spoken to her agent and he will get ticket. Naani says she and even children are going. Devika asks Ragini to attend her wedding at least as she is the one who united her and RK.

Neil packs his bags and thinks he is going away from Ragini now. Pam comes crying and hugs him telling she is missing her dad. Neil calms her down and asks what happened. Pam says she is in love with someone in her younger days but did not move ahead as she had to take care of Ranbir, Agam, and Suhani, but now when she wants to settle down, Ragini spoilt her life. Neil asks what happened. She says Ragini knew her and RK’s love, but she forced Devika in RK’s life and brainwashed him against her. Neil asks her to be specific. She tells what RK told.. Neil asks if she means RK proposed her, but Ragini forced Devika in between them. Pam says RK loves her even now and he confessed, but Ragini brainwashed him. Neil asks her to stay here and leaves.

Neil goes to Ragini’s room and asks why she interferes in everyone’s life. She asks what did she do. He says why did she brainwashed RK against Pam and forced Devika in his life. She says RK was confused and sought her life, so she cleared his mind that he loves Devika. Neil asks when she knew RK and Pam loved each other from the beginning. Ragini says they were, but now RK has moved ahead and loves Devika. He says she brainwashed him and used her usual dirty tricks and dirty mind to prove herself right. She is playing with 3 lives now. RK will not be happy with Devika his whole life and neither Devika will as he will not love her at all.

Ragini says RK never told he loves Pam and told he loves Devika. He says he knew it. She says RK had told, she would have united them. Neil says she will not as she hates Pam. She says why will she hate Pam. He says she is lying. She says it is up to him to believe her or not and says if RK loves Pam, he would not have proposed Devika and it is too late and unethical. Neil says she is jealous of Pam as Pam took care of her children and they respect Pam more than her. Ragini says RK sought he help and she cleared his confusion, now nothing can be done.

Neil asks Ragini if she will decide what RK should do and forcing her decision on him as she hates Pam. She asks if RK told him anytime that he loves Pam and not Devika. He says RK will not marry Devika as he loves only Pam. She says if that is the case, she will convince RK to marry Pam, but he loves Devika and his priorities have changed. He says priorities cannot change love and asks if she can forgive his love and says she is making drama of moving ahead with Aman, but loves him. She says she has moved ahead with Aman and he should understand that.

Precap: Ragini tells Pam that she did not force RK to marry Devika. Pama asks her to stop telling lie with her crocodile tears and get out of her room.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Too much negativity in the episodes nowadays…losing interest in watching them…I hope I am not the only one thinking this way???

  2. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Ditto i too am fed up wit all tis cinfusion mixture of diffent wrong parterns eish
    so long dragging moving on plsss tnx

  3. Y is ragini always the bad one …her character is changing can’t she show some care towards love …After all the only thing matters is love

  4. Character of Ragini is losing its image. She is posing to be very selfish an self centered. She cannot decide what she wants and not helping others either. Writer is not doing justice with her character.

  5. Enough please. Make Ragini bump her head or something and lose her memory. cant stand anymore of this.

  6. Really boring, losing its hold

  7. Moving tooooooo slowly . getting boring

  8. Loosing interest. .. What happened about misunderstanding that happened before the leap. Will that get sorted out. This serial needs to have some happier moments.

  9. Lovely episode.

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