Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 27th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 27th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sunny telling she got very good makeup from local soundarya beauty parlor for Ragini’s marriage and telling Pam she is looking dull and should get make up. Pam asks if she will stop taunting her if she gets makeup at her local shop. Sunny says yes and takes her to beauty parlor where makeup artists thinks her as bride and does heavy makeup.

Pam reaches home and neil asks why has she smeared her face with heavy lipstick and makeup and asks to wash her face. Ranbir says he will wipe it. She asks if she thinks she is going through this jokergiri just like, once Neil and Ragini gets married, she will show Sunny what she is.

Neil with family reaches Ragini’s house and hugs Nishi. Agam and Suhani tell this marriage cannot happen. Ragini

comes wearing bridal attire. They both say that today’s muhurath is not good, so marriage will happen tomorrow and today they will enjoy sangeet and mehandi. Pam gets tensed and tells Dimpy that she has to inform Karan to hold Nivedita in Pune, else she will stop Neil and Ragini’s marriage.

Nivedita insists receptionist to call Dr. Nachiket and tell his would be wife has come. Receptionist sends peon. Old Dr. Nachiket comes. She asks who is he and asks if she was waiting for him all this time. Karan says Neil told he is going to this hospital. Pam calls Karan and asks him to hold Nivedita in Pune for 1 more day, else she will tell Dimpy about his secret mobile number and his girlfriend’s messages.

Neil’s mobile rings. Dimpy asks Ragini to pick call as she is Neil’s would be wife. Ragini picks and Karan’s girlfriend speaks that he left her in hotel room without paying, so he should send her 10000 rs. Ragini thinks it is for Neil says once he comes she will inform him. Girlfriend asks who is she. Ragini says she is his wife. Girlfriend says he told his wife is dead 13 days ago. Ragini says if she wants to see his wife, she should come to some banquet hall and see his wife.

Neil comes back and Ragini starts alleging him for having many affairs. He denies. She says she got calls from his girlfriend just now and gives mobile. Neil calls Karan’s girlfriend and he will send her 10000 rs and says he is giving her money for her sake. Ragini leaves and Pam enters. He says some Tanu called and asked 10000 rs, who is she. Pam thinks she gave flirt Karan’s sim to Neil, starts laughing and says her friend must be talking about film Tanu weds manu. He says she asked to send 10000 rs and Ragini was taunting him. She should ask her not to show her wife tantrums and tell he is having contract marriage with her, so she cannot yell at him. Ragini comes back and says even she does not want to marry him and is doing for children’s sake. She asks Pam to add a clause in contract that Neil should not yell at her. Pam asks them to start their nok jhok away from children, else they will listen to their fight.

Precap: Pam gives Neil and Ragini marriage contract and asks them to read. Neil asks Ragini to read it and she asks him instead.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Oh God As Nike says JUST DO IT !!! LOL

  2. nice serial, pl telecast it even on Fridays

  3. chanda panday

    Get marry faster before something bad happens

  4. Waiting to see u together

  5. Pl. Do it fast before something bad happens. D marriage must be finished without any obstruction otherwise no charm in story. The serial must be telecast on Friday n Saturday big gap. Waiting to see neil n raging together happily with children’s. Ok

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