Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 27th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 27th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nivedita coming to the spot where Neil and Ragini are clear their differences and hugging each other. Neil asks what is she doing here. she says he left his phone out, so she came following him. She reminisces searching him in his room and asking Pam if she saw him. Pam says he must be out and asks her to have pasta. She says she will bring back Neil. She sees Neil leaving in his car leaving his phone on floor and follows him. Ragini asks Neil to go back to Nivedita as he promised to marry her. Neil goes near Nivedita and asks what is she doing here. She says he left his mobile, so she came to return it. He asks her to stop interfering in his life and asks her to go back home. Nevita feels irked.

Ragini goes back to hospital. Aman asks where was

she. She says Suhani is not Rupali and Neil’s daughter and is Rupali and Ronnie’s daughter, she misunderstood Neil. He says it is good their misunderstanding are cleared, now they can reunite. She says Neil is already engaged to Nivedita, so she cannot ruin their happiness. He says they both did not give each other’s places to anyone and it is like betraying Nevedita. Ragini says she does not know all this.

At Karan’s restaurant, Karan and RK try to flirt with a girl. Her boyfriend comes and tries to beat them, but they escape. Neil comes and asks them to come with him. Dimpy who is also with them ask if everything is alright. Neil says nothing is alright.

Nivedita starts her emotional atyachar and tells Pam that she followed Neil and tries to continue when Pam asks her why did she go behind neil when she warned her not to do that. She says Neil was with Ragini. Pam says she knows her brother very well and knows Neil and Ragini meet in hospital, but they will never unite. She asks her not to keep pestering Neil as he loves his privacy and the more free she leaves him, he will come back to her for sure. She will let her brother only marry her. Nivedita thinks Pam will not help her, so she herself will have to do something.

Neil tells Karan and RK that Ragini knows that Suhani is not his daughter. RK says it is good then, they both can reunite. Neil says he committed Nivedita while inebriated and got engaged to her, so even Ragini wants him to marry Nivedita. Karan says he loves Ragini, so he should stop fooling himself. RK says now his and Ragini’s differences are cleared, they should reunite. They all are waiting since 15 years to reunite. Neil asks what he should do. RK asks him to select either Ragini or Nivedita closing his eyes and whoever he remembers most, he should move ahead with her. Neil reminisces Ragini.

Precap: Suhani tells Neil that Ragini accepted her now and even invited her for dinner. Neil says already he is engaged to Nivedita and nothing can be done now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Its only a forced engagement wit one sided nivi…neil lvs rags so they should unite plsssss

  2. it’s an engagement not a marriage!!

  3. Hello … have you heard of something called “a break up”?

    You have gone though a divorce – which is breaking up after marriage…that too with a woman you loved, after having four kids!!!! You left your children alone……

    And you can’t break up after a stupid engagement…with a girl you have no connection with?

  4. Team niel and ragini ♥♡

  5. There is no connection between niveditha n Neil so what the hell he can’t call it of with her

  6. But it’s more about the nivideta’s reputation in a society because in an Indian society, when a girl’s engagement is called off then you have a stain on your reputation in an society. Others start talking bad, and will criticize you and wonder why the engagement was called off because it’s is negative and others might wonder there is something wrong about nivideta and she won’t be able to find another life partner.

  7. In this world when calling off a marriage is no big deal whats an engagement

  8. Is Nivedita a fool…..Neil n ragini love each n so even if she marries Neil it won’t be a successful marriage. Then why does she want to marry Neil ????

  9. rightly said guys p’ple divorce bt what is in neil and nivedita ki engagment which is even nt a marriage cant b proceeded n above ol neil is nt in love with her n what abt his children?

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