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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 26th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nishi complaining Naani and others that Ragini is intervening her privacy and she wants to marry Jignesh as soon as possible. Jignesh’s mother says they should elope then and tells her plan. Aarav and Naani are shocked to hear about elopement and asks Nishi how can she do that. Nishi says she will . Jignesh’s dad says Nishi that she is his daughter now and is with her. He says Jignesh also that he will provide him money to elope and will back him off. Mom says papa should be like this.

Nishi and Jignesh pack their bags and reach railway station. Servant gives him snacks. Jignesh checks it and says his mom is worried about him. He gets his papa’s calls who speaks to him. Nishi thinks Jignesh has both papa and mamma who love him,

but she has only mamma who took care of her as both mamma and papa and she cannot betray her. Train comes and Jignesh asks her to get in. Nishi says you have both papa and mama, but I have only mamma. He says he told everyone about their elopement. She says what if her mamma checked her mobile, she cares for her and if she gets betrayed, she will break. Jignesh says nothing will happen to her. She says she cannot betray her mamma and hates her papa, she will speak to him and tell how wrong he is. She calls Neil, but instead his voiceover tells that he is going to India and will speak after coming back. She tells Jignesh about her papa coming to Mumbai and says she will meet him personally and will make him realize how wrong he is.

Ragini’s mom gives her Nishi’s letter and says she eloped. Ragini gets worried and asks where was she when she eloped. She asks Sunny tai where was she. She says she was at neighbour’s house. Nishi comes and Ragini asks where was she. Sunny thinks she is imaging Nishi in her, but turns back and sees Nishi standing. Nishi says she went to her friend’s house to study. Ragini says she knows her daughter will not break her trust. Once Ragini goes in, Naani asks if Jignesh did not come. She says he came, but she did not want to betray mom like Nachiket Khanna and will meet him and make him realize how wrong he is. Naani asks who will she meet him. She says he is coming to Mumbai tonight. Ragini in her room tells Neil’s coordinator that someone from hospital will reach airport and she will book his ticket in a resort. Nishi says she will go with Jignesh. Arav asks her to take Dr. Nachiket’s name board. She says she will take only Nahicket’s board and writes it. Ragini’s colleague says she cannot receive dr. Nyle K and asks herself to receive him. She writes Dr. Nyle K’s board.

Sunny tai sees naani speaking on phone and takes phone from her. It is Jignesh on the other side who says Naani is thinking him as his husband and asking him to bring lipstick, gajra, etc. Ragini comes out, and Sunny pretends as if she is talking to Nishi. She says she is going to airport to receive Dr. Nyle and leaves. Once she leaves, Naani asks Arav to call Nishi and ask her to come back. He calls her, but her phone is on silent mode.

Neil reaches Mumbai airport with Pam. Pam goes to washroom and he waits outside. He sees 2 honeymoon couple talking romantically. Lady goes to washroom leaving her bag with her husband. Neil says husband that wives think their husband will look at other girls, so they give their bag with them. Meanwhile, a marketing lady gives her card to husband and leaves. Wife sees that and start fighting with him that he is already seeing another girl. They both start fight and Neil smiles looking their fight.

Ragini waits in airport waiting area with Dr. Nyle K’s nameboard. She sees wife/lady coming out and crying and asks if she is ok and introduces herself as a certified. Lady says her husband is betraying her for another woman and is not answering whom he met just now. Ragini says all men are same and they try to exploit us and asks her stand for herself, asks her to either ask question or give answer. Lady goes and starts fighting with his husband. Husband says that man was right, all wives are same. They both continue to fight. Ragini thinks one more girl’s life is ruined. She sees nameboard spoilt and bends down to write another one. Neil passes from there. Pam asks where are hospital people. He says he does not want them to pick him and says he will go to hospital directly tomorrow. A lady comes and hugs Nyle. Her husband comes and asks him to stop hugging his wife and says his wife is behind him since college days. Nyle says if he has bulging tummy and cannot close his blazer buttons since college days, his wife will look at other men. Man laughs and says he is the same since childhood.

Ladies see Nyle and start praising that he is handsome and must be 40 plus. Ragini sees his back, goes into flashback about their younger days and realizes it is husband.

Precap: Nishi’s bike crashes with a car in which Nyle is traveling with his friends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This serial totally reminds me of – Kya Hua Tera Vadaa.. and last couple of episodes, girls are drooling over Dr.Neil K. Seriously!! i mean is int that way too much. I found that extremely silly. I mean come on. He’s an oldie right!! Am not liking the serial in spite of the finest actors playing the lead roles. will see if the drooling and stuff is complete and story picks pace will continue else good bye….

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