Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 26th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 26th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pam telling Neil’s college lady friends about his and Ragini’s divorce. He feels sorry for them and tell Pam has not changed a bit since many years. Neil introduces them to Nishi. Nishi says she and Jignesh will be performing next. They perform well on Mai rang sharbaton ka, tu meethe ghat ka pani….song… After performance, Agam gives Nishi a gift and says his sister Suhani gifted it. Nishi is surprised and asks who Suhani. Karan announces Arav, Karan and Shilpa’s performance. They perform on Ishq wala love…song. Arav gets jealous seeing Ranbir and Shilpa’s intimate performance. He gets happy when Shilpa dances with him, and Ranbir gets jealous. Ranbir gives her rose and even Arav gives rose an smiles. Everyone

clap after their performance.

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Nishi asks Neil why did Agam give gift and said their sister Suhani gave it. Neil says Agam does not know how to talk and asks her not to pay attention on his words. Naani hears their conversation and tells Neil about Agam gifting Suhani’s sari to Ragini. Neil says he will handle it.

Shilpa asks Agam to come to the corner as she wants to speak to him. Agam takes Arav with him. Shilpa says she loves Ranbir. Arav says she does not know Ranbir tough. She says love does not need time and she has forgiven Ranbir. Arav says Ranbir will go back to US. She says that is what she wants to talk about and asks Agam how to propose Ranbir. Ranbir comes and says even he loves her and did not develop the feeling he has for her till now. Arav feels devastated. Agam sees him missing and starts searching him.

Karan and Dimpy next announces tonight’s dashing performance by all ladies. Baa, daadi, Sunny tai, Shilpa’s mom perform on Apalam chapalam…… Pam taunts RK showing Sunny tai. Everyone clap and whistle for them. Agam asks Arav’s friend if he saw Arav, he says he did not.

Karan then announces Neil and Ragini’s performance. Agam asks Ragini if she saw Arav. She says no and asks if everything is alright. He asks her to concentrate on her performance and not worry. Arav’s friend asks him what is the issue. Agam tells Shilpa proposed Ranbir in front of Arav and he felt devastated. Friend says they must check his room.

Neil and Ragini perform sensuously on Suraj hua madham…..kya ye mera pehla pehla pyar hai……Nivedita feels jealous seeing their performance. Agam and friend reach Arav’s room and ask him to open door. He says he will not. Agam says life does not end if he does not get a girl and asks him to come out and see mom and dad’s peformance. He opens door and Agam and friend are shocked to see something.

Pam comes on stage and says if Ragini and Neil have to be happy, they have to move ahead in life. She has decided to get his brother out and get him start a new life with Nivedita. Everyone are shocked to hear that.

Precap: Aman says Ragini she has to accept that even after 15 years, she loves Neil and move ahead with him forgetting everything. She says she cannot forget as their relationship’s bitter truth is still there. He asks what. She says Suhani.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Plz update.. Eagerly waiting..

  2. Thnx fr updates

  3. finally the chapter of suhani is disclosing..hope very soon the fake marriage of ragini and aman will disclose to neil …

  4. nooo ragini is going to propose dr.aman….

  5. i think suhani is the daughter of pam n ragini was misunderstood it with neil

  6. I think suhani is Nivedita’s sister’s daughter, and due to some reason Neil might have adopted her as a daughter before her mom’s death, and Ragini might have misunderstood the relationship. Also Nivedita wants to take some kind of revenge and so she wants to marry Neil. hope very soon the fake marriage of ragini and aman will be know to neil.

  7. Tnx i love tis show but i seem to lose tis page somehow…tnx for updates mmmmm
    I dnt like Naveita no chemistry lk DrNn Raginimam mwahhhh

  8. I absolutely adore this show and wish it was Mon to Fri 🙂 Let’s get ready to witness what broke their marriage….

  9. Yes yes i hope the Suhanis story unwinds n DRN RAGS misunderstanding cleared.Rags pls dnt propose to drAman u loveDrNeil….

  10. Anxious any spoilers for march !!!????
    Can the tym not be moved to a earlier prime spot plssss?

  11. quboolhai4ever

    I think arav committed suicide
    He looked really devastated
    Nice good yatin Mehta
    I thought he played the role in this episode superb
    I also think he’s really handsome

    I am 100% unsure who the hell suhani is
    So she is Neil’s daughter but not ragini s
    What if Neil had a first marriage and had suhani
    Then he kept it a secret from ragini thinking it would hurt her feelings
    Ragini is a woman of principles so I think she divorced him because he kept such a big secret from her

    Wait what ( unsure of what the hell is going to happen )

  12. Plzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzz post some images from show . It eill look attractive

  13. Pam infuriated me thurs episode n NeilRags Shockd faces….Eish man hw dare she decide who mst marry who kwing Ragini is not marid to Anam.Pam weak insecure bully n very manipulative….Sort ur lonely bored life n let live others joyfullly . Lovinly…

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