Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 25th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 25th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Suhani getting a call. She picks it thinking it is dad, but it is Nishi on the other side. Suhani asks if she wants to talk to dad. Nishi realizes it is her sister Suhani and yes. Suhani informs calls Pam mom and says it is a call from India. Nishi gets angry hearing her calling Pam as mom and cuts call. She angrily tells her boyfriend that dad married again and does not care about mom at all. Boyfriend says even her dad has right to move on. She says she does not want to marry.

Neil comes home. Pam gets angry on him for not attending Suhani’s birthday party and asks why don’t he want to fulfill his responsibilities as a father. She asks him to relax. she says she stayed back to inform that he got a call from India. He asks her about

details. She says she has noted it down on a notepad and he can check. He thinks why he got 2 calls from India today.

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Ragini plays radio and gets emotional listening Saathiya ye tune kya kiya…song.. and reminisces her happier days with Neil. Neil also listens to the same song and thinks why he gets emotional hearing this song. He calls Nishi’s number. Ragini picks it and cannot hear him properly due to background song. Nishi takes phone from her. Neil says he got a call from this number. She says it is a wrong number and cuts it angrily. She then asks Ragini why did she check her mobile and does not give her privacy. Ragini says she is a single mother and does not have husband who can take care of everything and says until she gets married, she will check everything and pick her calls and she will follow her rules.

Aarav angrily complains Sunny tai that he wanted bike, but mom gifted him laptop instead. Nishi comes angrily and says mom is intriguing her privacy by checking her mobile and told she will have to follow her rules until she is married. Arav says she will escape after marriage, but he cannot and even his girlfriend has to face mom’s interference. Sunny tai jokes even she will have to go marry then. Nishi says she called her dad and came to know that he is married now. Sunny tells she should torture him and make him realize his mistakes.

Aman loses drinking competition in a pub. Winner asks him to give him money, else to get hit by him. He is about to hit him when Aman’s elder brother comes and rescues him. He beats winner saying he is a black belt in karate but does not want to take law in his hand. He takes Aman out and beats him for messing up in pub. Suhani comes there. Aman says he likes her car. Suhani says he can keep it. He says he will get a lot of girls with this sport car. Just then, a girl comes and slaps him for interfering her and warns him not to come in her way again. Aman goes back to Suhani and says that girl was just joking. Suhani sees her dad watching them and walks into his room.

She asks dad if he was watching them. He asks what she needs. She says he needs appointment from him. He asks what problem she has. She says her heart is broken and needs her dad’s time. He says if her heart is broken it will not beat and says he cannot give time to her. She continues to say that she needs her dad. He asks her to stop watching hindi movies and go to shopping tomorrow. Aman comes there with gifts and says these are his gifts. He asks what he means. He says it was Suhani’s party, but her friends brought gifts for him. He shows boxers, shaving razor, ties, etc. and asks what does he does he do what all girls are behind him. He says he ignores girls. Aman says even he ignored 3 girls and then called them, but they ignored him.

Neil gets Aman’s call who introduces him as an Indian doctor who called him and requests him to come there and perform surgery. Neil says there are many experts whose help he can take. Aman says he has to perform surgery on a minor girl. Neil agrees and says he will book tickets for tomorrow. Aman thanks him and says further his hospital admin will be in contact with him. Ragini comes there and Aman tries to introduce Neil to her, but Neil says he has to go and cuts call. Aman says Dr. Neil is coming to India tomorrow.

Neil packs his bags and says he is going to India. She says she cannot go there as Ragini is there who will change his mind again. He says there are crores of people there and he does not mind even if she comes there. She says she is her sister and cares for him. He says even he cares for her, but has to go to India. She says his kids are not getting either mother’s or father’s love because of Ragini. He walks out for swimming. His elder son hears their conversation and asks Pam to go with him to India and stop him from meeting Ragini. She agrees.

Precap: Ragini waits for Neil with welcome note. She bends down to pick note from ground when Neil passes from there. She gets up and surprisingly sees his back.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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