Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 25th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 25th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Aman telling Ragini that Neil is very nice and nobody can do what she did for her. She says anybody would do same. He says he is a famous US cardiologist and came to attend marriage for 4 days, but stayed here since 20 days and is taking care of Nishi’s marriage, he is doing it for her as he still loves her. She says after the incident 15 years ago, their feelings have changed. He says love cannot be changed. She walks out of room and reminisces Aman’s words. Neil also walks out of his room and reminisces RK’s words. They meet at point and move ahead.

Pam gifts a precious designer dress to Nishi. Nishi says she cannot accept it. Pam asks her to stop behaving like her mom and wear it. She does her makeup and asks her opinion

about Aman. Nishi says she also wants Ragini to marry Aman, but both her and Neil don’t want to move ahead. Pam is shocked to hear that. She continues to confront Nishi who says even Arav and she want Ragini to marry Aman and says if she will not, Aman is perfect for her. Pam asks if she overpraised Aman and asks he to stop forcing Aman on her. She then thinks she is right, Ragini has not married.

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Sangeet ceremony starts. Karan takes stage and tells a few years ago Neil and Ragini were married in this same farm house and now it is their daughter Nishi’s marriage. He calls Neil on stage and asks him to speak. Neil says he does not know speech, but he can speak out his heart. He says he is meeting his daughter after 15 years and did not know how she looked like. He came here on official work, but met her in airport. Ragini allowed him to attend her marriage and he is very happy and thankful to Dimpy, Karan and RK for making Nishi’s marriage a grand affair. He says few years ago his love story started here and now his daughter and Jignesh’s love story is starting. He calls Aman on stage. Ragini takes mic and says a father will continue expressing his love until he is stopped, so she took out mic from him. She tells how Nishi used to wipe her tears with her tiny hands when she used to cry and thanks her for being a part of her life.

Dimpy annouces a breath taking performance by Neil. Neil dances on SRK’s Om shanti om song… Bas deewangi hai…. with TV serial heroines joining and dancing with him….After dance, actresses refer themselves as Neil’s college friends and says during today’s dance, they saw Ragini was jealous. Ragini asks to stop. They says they know they love each other and ask them to unite after their marriage. Pam comes and says it is too late now as Aman is Ragini’s current husband. They are shocked to hear that. Neil says Ragini married Aman.

Precap: Neil and Ragini dance on a song Kaise bataye…tu jaane naa…

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Not a good episode…Pam spoils every event…she does not deserve to be in the wedding if she is the spoiler of the show…hate to see her part on the show including Nivedita with her….

  2. Plz. … Make Neil aware of ragini being single

  3. Wish ragini and Neil had danced together

  4. PRECAP was good one…but hates you pam..i hope director throw her out from the show and make ragini and neil a happy couple..

  5. i agree cutie & thrw pam out of shw

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