Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 25th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 25th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Neil and Ragini’s fight. They argue that they don’t want to marry each other.

Pam comes to kitchen and asks Sunny to prepare coffee for her. Sunny asks her to prepare 1 more cup for her also. Pam gets irked but agrees. Ranbir comes and asks what is happening. She says as per our plan we had to let Neil and Ragini together for some days till we click their pics and send them to US to save Neil’s job and business deal, but now Nishi wants them to marry. He gets surprised. Sunny starts laughing watching TV serial. Sunny asks what is she doing. Sunny says she is doing laughter therapy. Pam sends her from there and watches TV herself. She sees a scene and smiles where hero’s uncle suggests him to have contract marriage with heroine.

Ranbir asks if she got an idea. She says yes, she will suggest Neil and Ragini to have contract marriage to settle down Nishi’s life. He asks her to try her luck.

Pam meets Neil and Ragini and suggests them to have contract marriage and include their clauses until Nishi’s marriage settles. She calls Ragini as bhabhi and says she can even add a clause that she does not like his money. Neil says she was badmouthing about Ragini and wanted to strangulate her 24 hours ago, but now is praising her and wants him to remarry her. Pam says she is worried about her neice Nishi and contract marriage is best for them. They both look at each other. Pam says that means they agreed and leaves telling she will give good news to children.

Pam informs children that their parents have agreed to remarry and they are first children in who will see their parent’s marriage. She asks Ranbir to click selfie and he does. Neil takes Pam out and says he promised Nivedita to marry her, so he will talk to her about this contract marriage. She says she will speak to her. He says he is not a kid and will talk to Nivedita. She asks him to relax.

Pam calls Karan and asks what is he doing. He says he is massaging Dimpy’s legs. She asks him to get up and he does. Dimpy asks whose call it is. He says Pam’s. Pam asks him to go to Nivedita’s room and switch off her mobile somehow and make sure she does not speak to Neil. Karan agrees and gets into Nivedita’s room and says it has been a long time since they spoke. she says they spoke just now. He snatches her phone and says he needs to make an important as Dimpy is speaking over his phone since 1 hour. She says he can speak. He sees fish tank and in lieu of mimicking Dimpy drops phone in it. Nivedita asks why did he drop her phone in fish tank and ask him to get it out. He says he will get her new phone and repair this old one. She shouts. He says fish will bite his hand. Neil tries to call Nivedita, but her phone is switched off. Pam asks whom he is calling. He says Nivedita, but her phone is switched off. Pam smirks and says she will go to Karan’s home personally.

Pam enters kid’s room and tells due to inauspicious month, Neil and Ragini will marry tomorrow and says she will go and surprise Karan and leaves.

While traveling in car, Pam tells Ranbir that they should keep Nivedita away from Neil. He asks what difference it makes as Neil is having contract marriage. She says Nivedita is madly in Neil’s love and may try to stop marriage, so it is better to keep her away until marriage happens. Once she reaches Karan’s house, she hugs Nivedita and says Neil told he wants only Nivedita in his life and says he does not want to go back to US, if she is fine with it. Nivedita says she is very happy hearing that. Pam acts as feeling relaxed and says she has one more good news for her and asks if she knows where Neil has gone. Nivedita asks what. Pam says Neil has gone to Pune to buy a hospital and wanted to take her along, but her phone was switched off. Nivedita says Karan dropped her mobile in fish tank. She asks if they were practicing catching and calls Karan.

She scolds Karan and asks Nivedita to leave for Pune right now as Neil wants her to be with him on his life’s new beginning.

Neil tells Ragini that he does not want her to blame his sister. She starts arguing. He says he is dying to marry her. She says even she is not. He calms down and asks her condition. She says she does not like nonveg and alcohol in her house. He asks what else. She asks him not to come late after late night party. He asks what does she mean. She says naani and children will get disturbed. He asks what else. She asks him not to throw wet towel and his socks on floor. He asks her not to roam with wet hair and asks where will he keep his clothes. She says she will give him a cupboard and asks him not to touch his flower pots. He asks what else. She says he will have to eat whatever she prepares. He will order food from karan’s restaurant. She says once in a while.

Precap: Ragini tells naani is marrying Neil to bring her son Arav closer to her again.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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