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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 24th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with an American lady calling Dr. Neil. She greets him good morning and tries to be romantic with him, asks him to call her sometime. He says he does not have her number and goes back to car to get his phone. Ragini calls him, but he pills coffee on car seat by mistake and gets busy cleaning it instead of picking her call. She leaves a voicemail on his phone to call hospital back. He picks his mobile.

All hospital staff ladies get ready hearing about Dr. Neil entering hospital. One lady asks who is this handsome hunk. Another one says he is Dr. Neil. All nurses request if they can assist him in his surgery today. He says Nancy will assist him as usual and enters operation theater. A black old lady/Nancy is shown. Nurse informs that interns are waiting

to watch his surgery. He permits and starts surgery playing a song.. Zindagi kaise ye paheli hai…. Nurse asks why is he playing music. Another nurse says it is his style. Indian nurse asks why he listens to a same song. He says because it is about Zindagi/life. Nurse switches off song seeing patient’s heart beat dropping. He asks her to start it again and completes surgery successfully and says patient live longer now. All attendants get happy hearing about it and clap for him.

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A lady tries to suicide saying she cannot live without Dr. Neil. After surgery Dr. checks voice mail where Ragini has left a message to call her hospital back. He tries to call, but nurse informs him about lady trying to suicide to rescue her, else she will break her bones. He says he is a cardiologist and not orthopedician. Nurse requests him again, and he agrees. He goes to the lady and asks why she wants to suicide. She says she wants to die if he does not accept her. He says he does not love her and if she falls down, she will break all her bones and even her heart will stop. He says it will be good if she dies as she will not feel dejected in love after that. He forces lady to suicide. She asks if he does not have any feelings for her at all. He says no and asks nurse if hospital has insurance. Nurse says they have, but will have to pay some money from pocket. Neil says he will pay, asks lady again to suicide and leaves. Lady continues her cribbing.

Once Neil comes back to his room, nurse asks how did he handle that lady so well. He says he does not have love in his life, so he can handle any critical situation easily. She informs him about his son’s birthday party. He says once he finishes surgery, he will leave.

Girl whose surgery is to be done by Dr. Neil asks Ragini when will doctor come. She sadly comes out and sees patient’s husband who gives his card and asks him to call for a coffee date. She gives him Dr. Aman’s card and says he likes his wife and thinks she is hot. Man asks her not to forget that she is talking about his wife. She asks him not to forget that he has a wife and walks out leaving man irked.

Nurse informs Ragini that she got a call from her son. She checks her mobile and thinks her son cannot keep away from her.

Dr. Neil’s birthday bash starts and he introduces himself as Dr. Neil Khanna’s son to all the guests. He calls a lady Pam. Lady asks him to call her mom. He asks her to stop joking and asks why there are so many ladies here. She says they are waiting for your dad. He says dad is 45 now. She says your dad is hot and you do not have his charm at all.

Dr. Neil daughter Laila enters party venue. Her friends ask about her dad. She says he will come late. Aman asks why don’t she introduce him to her friends. A man comes with a gift box and says her dad gave it to her. She goes out and sees a beautiful car and thinks dad gives her precious gifts but does not give his time at all.

Ragini enters house and sees naani hearing old song on radio. She switches it off. Ragini’s mom thinks it is Sunny tai and ask why did she switch music off before Ragini coming in. She sees Ragini in who asks about Aarav and Sunny tai. Mom says they are at terrace. Aarav comes down and says he needs 15,000 rs to by bike. She says he is just 16 and cannot drive and gifts him 25,000 rs worth laptop instead. He cribs that if he had dad with him, he would have bought him anything he likes. Laila says Pam that dad does not have time for her and only sends precious gifts and says she is missing her mom. She asks her how was her mom. Pam says her mom was like a mom which comes only in a night and hides in the morning, says her parents did not like each other. Laila says she wants to meet her mom. Pam says never, moon has got lunar eclipse now and cannot be seen.

Precap: Pam informs Neil about Ragini’s call from India. He calls her mobile number.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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