Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 24th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 24th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ragini taking breakfast to Nishi’s room and asking he to wake up. She slides curtains and says it may rain now. Nishi does not get up. Ragini checks her forehead, feels her having high temperature, and asks to be on bed and leaves. She goes to Aman’s room and asks him to come and check Nishi. Injured Aman wakes up and says he is not feeling well even now. She apologizes for hitting him. He suggests her to consult Dr. Neil. She says she will manage. He says now a days a lot of viral infections are hovering, so she should not hesitate taking Neil’s help.

RK sees Karan and Neil preparing food and asks if man has to learn cooking after marriage as they prefer outside food before marraige and after marriage are found 24 hours in kitchen.

Neil asks to stop taunting him. RK says he is talking about Karan who used to hate home-cooked food and now prepares food for Dimpy. Ragini comes there and tells nishi is having high fever. Neil rushes to Nishi’s room with whole family, checks her temperature and says she is having 103 fever, writes prescription and asks Ragini to get it from someone.

Ragini says she will sit with Nishi and asks Jignesh to bring medicine. Everyone insist Jignesh to be with Nishi while ragini go and bring medicine. Ragini comes out with whole family and asks each member to bring medicine, but everyone give weird ideas. Badi naani says she will bring and asks phoolmati/Sunny to bring car keys. Everyone are surprised to hear that. Neil comes and leaves saying he will bring medicine. Aman comes and asks Ragini to bring medicine as he cannot even move. Ragini writes prescriptions and calls Agam, but everyone slips from there. Aman says only she and him are there. Ragini says she will bring it and leaves. Karan and RK come back and taunt Aman that he is very big hearted to send his fiance with her ex-husband.

Ragini comes out and sees Neil leaving in car. She asks him to bring Aman’s medicine. Neil says he is not that big hearted to bring his ex-wife’s fiance’s medicine and asks if she will bring it for his fiancee. She nods no and says she will accompany him. They both leave in car.

RK gets Pam’s call and he gets romantic with her. She asks where is he. He says farm house. she asks who else is with him. He says Karan and Dimpy. She asks who else. He says servants. She asks friends? He says noone. She says she will call him later and says he will wait. She gets happy thinking Devika is not there and her decision to come to India and meet him is not wrong. Servant brings coffee and she asks him to keep her bag in car as she wants to to go farm house. He says he will inform sir/RK. She shouts at him and warns if he informs RK, she will get him out of work. He apologizes and rushes to keep her bag in car.

While traveling in rain, Neil says stone boulders on road blocking it and tells Ragini that they have to walk 10 km and get medicine. She says she is tired serving Aman and nishi and does not have energy. Their verbal argument start and finally Ragini agrees to accompany him walking.

Sunny, Suhani, Agam and Karan peep into Nishi’s room and get happy seeing Jignesh apply cold cloth on her forehead to lower her fever. She wakes up and angrily asks what is he doing here. He says she was having high fever, so he was apply cold cloth on her forehead. She shout there are many family members to take care of her. He asks why not him as he is her husband. She asks him to get out and let her rest. He says he will not go and will take care of her.

While walking with Neil, Ragini asks him to remember this shortcut road as they went on it before. He says that road goes to cliff and he knows where he should go, she can go on it alone if she wants. Ragini tries to leave, he stops her and says he will accompany her.

Precap: Ragini says Neil she does not need his support and he can leave back to US with his children as Nishi is fine now. He says he will and will take also Nishi along.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Can anyone tell who is who’s kid in this serial…so many kids here lol 😛

  2. Suhani is rupali and Ronnie’s child but ders no sign of Ronnie and rupali died and niel adopted her
    Nishi, ranbir, agam n aarav are ragini and Niels kids

  3. i am getting really tired of raginis telling neil to leave ,emotional blackmail and bossy attitude…she is the one who called him, after aman pressured her….

    regardless, she needs to tone done her attitude and deflate her ego a little bit. on one hand she called jignesh so they live together to resolve issues, on the other hand, did she try living with neil, she cannot even be in a room with him for 5 mins without fireworks,,,and her daughter has a temper that is 10 times worse, if she can throw vases and not control it!

    this show is just losing my attention now, sorry, just dragging it and dragging it….

  4. Nice episode. Fell so sorry for Jignesh he is such a nice guy.

  5. its stupid how much time they drag ragini and neil they should show some good thing ragini is having always attitude its not good

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