Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 24th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 24th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Karan seeing Pam sleeping outside on garden bench. He asks if she was not getting sleep in room that she slept outside. She asks if he saw gardener’s cycle. He says it is right in front of her. She realizes that Ragini and Neil must have come back. She goes to Neil’s room to confront and asks where did he go with Ragini on mali (gardener)’s cycle. Neil asks why will he ride mali’s cycle. RK enters room. Pam asks him to tell that they went in car following them. RK says they did not and she must be dreaming. Neil asks if they played cards yesterday night and then had wine. She says yes. He says then someone must have mixed something in her wine. Pam shouts that she is not lying. Neil and RK leave silently. Pam thinks of asking

Ragini and goes to her room. She is surprised to see Aman on sofa and tries to ask him. She hits him with paper. He thinks it is Ragini and says he does not want to continue husband and wife drama and let him sleep for some time.

She is shocked to hear that and while walking back to her room reminisces all the incidents where Ragini tried to avoid calling Aman as her husband. She informs Nivedita about it. Nivedita panics and says if Neil will know about it, he will go back to Ragini. Pam says she will not let this happen and will confirm if Ragini and Aman are married from one person.

Agam gives sari to naani and says Suhani gifted this sari to mom. Naani asks who suhani. Agam says her second granddaughter and asks her to speak over phone. Suhani speaks to her and tells about meeting Ragini before, she is excited to meet Ragini again. Naani takes sari and hides between other saris. Ragini comes and asks if Agam gave some gift. Naani says no. Ragini thinks why did he tell lie then.

Aarav practices proposing Shilpa in front of Agam and his friend. They both get bored and sleep. Arav wakes them up. Agam says because of his style, Shilpa is not impressed. He says it is social media era where people propose in 2 lines and get married, with his old way, even Sunny tai won’t be impressed. He advises him to ignore Shilpa to garner her attention.

Shilpa tries Nishi’s dress. Her mom asks whose dress is it. She tells Nishi’s aunt got he designer suit for her sangeet, so she thought of trying and says she is going to propose Ranveer today as she also does not want to spend her life in a 2-bedroom apartment with Arav. Mom gets happy and says her wedding will be in US, she will meet Ranveer right now. Shilpa gets happy.

RK tells Neil that god wants to unite him and Ragini, so they are meeting often. Neil asks him to stop his imagination. RK asks what is wrong in reuniting. Neil says time has changed and reminisces romancing Ragini and their happier moments. RK asks what if Ragini still has feelings for him. Neil says if she has, she would not have married Aman. RK asks what if she is not married. He says then he would have repented. RK asks him to dance tonight with Ragini like before forgetting everything. Neil says RK that he is still stuck in past, now his children have grown up and nothing cann happen now. RK thinks he wants to see the reaction when he will know that Ragini is not married.

Precap: While applying makeup to Nishi, Pam asks her why Ragini has not moved on. Nishi says dad and mom still love each other. Pam realizes that Ragini has not married Aman.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Superb episode !!Let neil cum to know that ragini is not married *

  2. :((((…..if Pam knows 1st then there no way Neil is going to come to know the truth anytime soon….but love rag/Neil moments…can’t wait to see when he does learn the truth….sure the writers will find a twist though….

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