Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 24th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 24th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pam preparing dish for Ragini. Sunny smells something burning in kitchen and asks who dared to touch her kitchen. She sees Pam with her dish and asks why did she prepare aloo tikki. Pam says it is quiche. Ragini also enters. Pam asks Ranbir to click selfie with ragini and quiche and asks Sunny also to join. Ranbir clicks selfie.

Arav enters Raginis’ room and asks why is she trying to ruin his life again. She asks what did she do. He says he wanted to settle in US with dad, but she wants to hold dad here by brainwashing him to remarry her. She had been selfish all her life and ruined his life earlier due to her ego, she should stop at least now. Agam asks who told him this. He says Nivedita aunty told him everytihing. Agam takes Arav from

there and says he has misunderstood mom. Arav says he does not know that woman well, she can go to any extent to satisfy her ego, once she starts forcing her decisions on him, he will come back to him, then he will console her. Agam hugs him and says nothing bad will happen now.

Pam thinks Nivedita will ruin her plan. She goes to Karan’s house and sees Nivedita waiting for Neil. She asks why is she trying to ruin Neil’s happiness and even after her warning to let Neil be with Ragini, she is trying to mess up again. Neil enters and asks what is happening. Pam says she is explaining Nivedita that Neil prefers children’s happiness. Nivedita asks Neil what is happening. Neil walks towards his room upstairs. Pam says she told him Neil wants to get rid of her now and asks her to stay right here while she goes and consoles Neil. She walks into Neil’s room and he asks what is happening, she yelled against Ragini since years and now she is praising her. Pam says she realized her mistake and now wants children to stay with parents. Neil says he does not believe and walks out while she follows him.

Suhani and Agam tell Nishi that they are very happy that their parents will remarry again and they all can stay together.

Ragini gets emotional looking at Nishi and Jignesh’s marriage pics. Neil enters and says Ragini due to her ego, she wants to stop Arav to go with him to US, so to hold him here is making drama with naani of remarrying him, but he will go to US with Arav and will not let her win. Nishi enters, listens to their conversation and starts crying that she did a mistake of trusting naani’s words, but she knew they both cannot reunite at all. Neil says she is misunderstanding again, he is not going back to US and is thinking of remarrying Ragini for sure. Nishi asks Ragini if papa is telling truth. Ragini nods yes.

Pam enters and says she is very happy hearing about Ragini and Neil thinking about giving themselves a second chance and asks Ranbir to click selfie. Nishi says she does not believe them and asks them to remarry if they really want to give themselves a second chance. Pam says she cannot force them. Nishi says she cannot take chance and they have prove themselves and remarry.

Ragini takes Neil to a room and in front of Pam and Naani asks him why did he make such a big mistake and lied Nishi. He says he did what he felt right. Mom told what she felt right and he did same. Pam thinks she wanted them to come closer for some days until she finishes her plan, but she cannot let them remarry.

Pam suggests Neil and Ragini to have a contract marriage until Nishi’s marriage settles down.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. nice………… 🙂

  2. this is a hopeless serial. Full of Masala, most improbable coincidences, endless accusations ……

  3. Hopeless and useless and I don’t know when Neil and Ragini will stop accusing each other and when Aarav will change his behavior. This serial is just too boring now and not going anywhere. Just tired of the whole drama.

  4. deepak saxena

    neil is perfect. But pam and ragini are masters in over-acting

    really tired of this directionless drama

    plz give some shape to the serial and do it immediately.

    your TRP must be at the lowest level

  5. stop all this this not husband-wife or parents relation in real life suddenly there is no emotional connect between neil n ragini. impossible situation

  6. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Can sumone pls only tell me wats Pams plan? Coz seriously nothing much moving on rudeness talk n hatred eish
    ar writers for real????

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