Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 23rd June 2015 Written Episode Update


Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 23rd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dimpy reaching Karan and Dimpy’s house and asking about RK. He says RK and Karan/Dimpy have gone to farm house. She thinks what if Devika also went with RK. She asks who else went with them. Servant says he does not and will call and get info. She says she has phone and will call herself. He asks if she needs anything. She orders black coffee.

Jignesh sees Nishi sneezing with cold and asks her to have medicine. She asks him to keep away and says she gets gastric trouble with cold medicine. He asks her to do something as he cannot see her suffering. She asks him to stop being melodramatic and get brandy from RK. He asks why brandy. She says she will feel good and asks him to go right now. He asks what about milk Ragini gave. She asks him

to drink himself. He says he already had one glass. She asks him to finish one more. She finishes and goes to bar.

At bar, he sees Karan, RK, and Neil there. Karan taunts that he came to the wrong place and can get his milk from kitchen. Jignesh says he needs brandy. They are shocked to hear that. Neil asks from when did he start drinking. He says he does not and then says he was not, but now drinks. RK gives him brandy bottle and asks him to have it here. He says he cannot drink in front of elders, especially papa. RK asks him to take soda. Jignesh says he will take it from fridge. Neil asks him to control his drinking. Jignesh says he will and runs from there. Karan says sasur had started alcohol because of Ragini and now damad is drinking because of Nishi, he says his family women are very dangerous. RK says even he agrees.

Karthik and Suhani get into their romantic talks. She says she will go and sleep before papa sees them. He says she is right and they both part ways. She goes to sleep next to nishi and is shocked to see brandy bottle next to her. She thinks how can she drink when she is pregnant and thinks of informing someone. She goes to Karthik’s room and sees him sleeping next to Aman wearing blanket. She tries to wake him up and removes blanket, but sees legs instead. She wakes up Aman by mistake. Aman asks her to wake up Karthik instead as he cannot even move. She then wakes up karthik, takes him out and informs that Nishi is drunk brandy. He says it is very harmful for the baby. Jignesh sees them and asks what are they doing at this time. They say they came to drink water. He says at the begging everyone loves talking, then they start fighting, etc. and he gets emotional. Suhani asks if he is fine. He says yes and goes to pick water. Suhani says Jignesh is good guy and will bad if she knows nishi took liquor.

They both go to Agam, Ranbir’s room and sees Sunny tai playing cards with Agam. Ranbir asks why are they together at this time. Suhani says they were going to sleep, but she saw brandy bottle next to Nishi and she is sure she drunk it. Agam asks what is a big deal. Karthik says alcohol is harmful for baby. Sunny thinks she has to inform truth to children. They all go out, see Ragini and Neil and inform that Nishi has drunk brandy. Neil says he gave it to Jignesh. Agam asks why did he give it to him. Ragini interferes and says Nishi is a modern girl and drinks occasionally. Agam asks why in pregnancy. Ragini reveals that they are not pregnant. They are shocked to hear that. Neil informs that Nishi tried to suicide and even wants to separate with Jignesh, so he came here to stop it. Ranbir says they were loving each other so much and now want to separate. Ragini says she is trying her best to reunite them. Agam says mom and dad should cooperate in their plan to reunite them. Neil says Nishi is his daughter and he can do anything for her. Agam says then let us plan together.

Precap: Ragini asks Neil to bring medicine for Aman. He asks if she will bring medicine for his fiancee. She stands silently.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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