Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 23rd February 2015 Written Episode Update


Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 23rd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with inebriated Ragini signing loudly Pehla nasha pehla khumar….song. Neil comes there and reminds her that they have come for their daughter Nishi’s wedding and her in-laws may create a problem if they see her inebriated. She says she wants to go on a long driver and asks him to take her. He says he cannot. She shouts Karan’s name. He says she can go with Aman. She asks who Aman. He says her boss… She says she wants to go with him, else with Karan and shouts Karan repeatedly. He shuts her mouth and goes in to pick car keys. Jignesh’s daadi sees him, says her stomach is upset and if he has medicine. He says no. She says she will get it with Ragini then. He says he will get it and goes to Ragini’s room, sees Aman sleeping

on sofa and feels pity for him, hears Aman’s murmuring in sleep and walks out with medicine. He gives Jignesh’s daadi medicine and asks her to go and sleep. He then goes to his room to get car keys. Ragini is already in his room and says she has keys. She says he has stolen her heart and now she wants to go on a ride with him. He says they should go via window. She says no. They both come out and Ragini insist to go on cycle. Neil hesitantly agrees and takes her on cycle. Pam who is still awake peeps from window and is shocked seeing them. She thinks of teaching Ragini a lesson.

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Pam knocks RK’s door. He opens it and is surprised to see her, asks if he is dreaming. She says she has really come and says she needs his help. He asks what help? She tells him about Ragini and Neil going on a cycle and says they should stop them. RK says they also can go on cycle. She asks him to take his car. On the way, Ragini asks Neil to peddle fast. He says he is. She asks him to stop seeing youngters enjoying valentine’s day party. Neil says it is youngeter’s party and they cannot spoil it. Even youngters say the same. Ragini says he is Dr. Nachiket Khanna and girls throng around him. A girl among them says he is actually hot. Ragini forces Neil to dance and they both dance sensuously. Youngters say they both are made for each other.

Pam sees youngters party and asks RK to stop, says she is sure they are here. He asks how is she sure. She says they came on this cycle. She goes and asks youngters if they saw her brother and a woman. A girl says she must be talking about uncle aunty. Neil sees Pam coming and hides. Pam starts searching them, but they are hidden in bushes. Ragini says he is very hot and adorable and sleeps in his arms.

Pam goes back to farmhouse and sits on bench outside. RK asks her to come in. She says she will not come in until Neil and Ragini come and will confront them both. RK says she knows he cannot live her alone like this. She says it is her and her brother’s fight and she does not need any third person’s interference and even Neil will not like knowing about their fight. RK leaves.

Ragini wakes up after alcohol effect wears off and asks Neil why are they here. He tells her that she drank who whiskey bottle and wanted to go out on a long drive with him on cycle. She starts crying. He says Pam came in search of them and they hid under bushes, she slept after that, says they can go back before anyone wakes up. Ragini starts weeping.

Precap: Nivedita asks Pam how to find out if Ragini and Aman are really married. Pam says only one person can tell them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice very intresting I love it

  2. really amzing episode…….”pam kabab me haddi kyu banti hai hamesha nachiket ” lolz….

  3. hate u pam

  4. Such a stunning episode.

  5. Awesome episode. Soo much love btw Ragini and Neil. Loved it when Ragini told Neil that Pam will never leave them alone and she like a ghost. love ragini and neil together

  6. love u Neil nd Ragini
    realy hate u pam..

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