Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 23rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 23rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Arav coming home and telling Ragini that Kareena is Suhani and she was calling Neil as papa. Ragini says she will tell how her papa is and says Suhani is Neil’s illegal child and starts crying vigorously. Naani and badi naani console her.

Nivedita takes juice to Suhani’s room and Suhani asks if pathology people came. She asks why. Suhani is about to tell about DNA test when Agam comes in. Nivedita asks them to converse, walks out, stands near door and starts listening to their conversation. Karan and Raj see that and stand behind her. Dimpy also does same. Pam sees that and asks Dimpy she knows Raj and Karan are mad, but why is she behaving weird. Raj says he was checking wall’s thickness with Nivedita. Nivedita tells she gave juice

to Suhani and was checking if she is drinking it. Karan and Raj enter Suhani’s room and asks her and Agam to lock the door before speaking as door also have ears and be careful.

Aman goes to Ragini’s cabin and asks her not to schedule any surgery for him in the morning as he has to go to temple to fulfill his promise. She asks what promise. He says he had wished if Neil leaves his hospital, he will serve 20 kg coconut barfi prasad. She asks him to stop being funny. He says maybe Neil did not know Suhani came to her home, else he would have identified her in hospital itself. She says maybe yes and says she does not want to talk about suhani and Neil.

Nivedita tells Pam about Suhani getting her and Neil’s DNA test to prove she is not Neil’s son and unite Ragini and Neil. Pam says she will never let that happen. Nivedita vamp says they both are not wrong and what is wrong if Neil gets back to Ragini. Pam says she has chosen her for her brother and she will get them married at any cost. Nivedita thinks all her plans are failing and she has to stoop to any level to marry Neil.

Suhani and Agam reach Ragini’s cabin with DNA report. Ragini says she does not want to see Suhani’s face and asks her to get out. Suhani says she brought Neil and her DNA report. Suhani throws report and asks her to get out. They both sadly leave. Ragini then picks report and is shocked to see Suhani is not Neil’s daughter. She crying walks to the spot where used to meet Neil. It is shown that all the incident was Ragini’s flashback and she apologizes Neil for doubting him. He says she was acting situationally and was not her mistake. She says during their 4 years of marriage, he never looked at any girl, but she alleged him. She continues that she did injustice to her life’s 15 years and says she was fool, but he was intelligent, then why did not he try to explain her. She says he tried. She says because of her ego and self-respect, she never gave him chance. She says many times she used to think of coming and hugging him tight, but Rupali’s face used to revolve around her eyes and she used to think when Neil is innocent, why does not he come and explain. He says it is his mistake that he kept quiet and asks her not to blame herself. She says we both loved each other that we could not see any mistakes.

They both hug each other. She says she is feeling so peaceful after 15 years and missed a lot of things, Agam and Ranbir’s childhood, he says Nishi and Arav’s childhood. They continue telling each incident. He says he used to sit near sea on their wedding anniversary as she loves sea. She says she stopped going near sea as her tears were more salty than sea. He says we both should live together from hereon along with our children. Nivdedita comes and acts as getting shocked.

Precap: Ragini says Neil that he has promised Nivedita to marry her, so he should and says it is too late and they cannot reunite.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. aa

    oh…they should give up getting their family together, make 5 people sad, just because N gave a half-hearted promise to an outsider Nivedita who he does not even care about.

  2. Sapana

    What the hell is wrong with Ragini…finally they are together n again she is pushing Neil away…how the hell is that love…I am hating Ragini’s character nowadays…being idealistic is one thing but she’s being too annoying Priya of Bade Ache lagte hai…duniyake sab sanskar, fairness n all are their responsibilities no? Damn Ekta Kapoor…u don’t know how to write strong yet compassionate woman character.

  3. selian

    no worries now that neil and ragini can unite again, ol thanks 2 suhani with agam support. bt i didnt like the precap.

  4. aa

    This what Ram tried to reason with Priya – that you care about everyone else’s feelings (like her sister’s) but no one cares about my happiness which lies with you damn it.

    Neil should do some akalmandi this time and tell her to listen to him. He should do what makes him and her and their kids happy not follow some nonsense vachan or Ragini’s orders to marry Niv.

  5. minna

    If they unite serial ends abhi ekta maam wants to pull it further .it depends on how many episodes are left story will move according to that. Nowadays story writers write for the day depending on trp and producer wishes
    especially ektas serials they all start well later they all suck cause they become stupid like ragini saying u have to get married cause u promised
    thats the most stupid thing i ever heard

    • dills

      totally agree, seriously what woman would do that!
      I think he’s too good for her anyways.
      Neil has EVERYTHING a woman would want in a man/husband!

  6. N

    Poor execution story. How come 19 year old ranbir completed his medical school? 15 years old suhani is going to collage. Pam adamant lady makes Neil’s life’ decisions an he agrees. Ragini’s character initially showed self respected lady now it looks like confused lady. The show is going towards typical tv shows.

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