Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 22nd September 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 22nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Agam reaching home and telling his siblings that he is in love. Suhani says his love does not last for long and tells Nishi his past love stories. Dimpy reaches with RK and tells Nishi and Suhani are looking very pretty today.

Arav’s creditor warn his son not to let Arav attend function if he does not repay loan. Arav discusses with his friend that he does not have money. Nivedita hears that and gives him money. He says he does not need it, but she forces him to accept it.

Dahi handi function starts and host greets Neil and introduces him as a guest. Everyone start dancing. Agam’s crush also start dancing. Nivedita sees Ragini dancing with Neil and fumes. She tries to enter when Pam stops her and says if she dances, Neil will

know that she is fine and will break his relationship with her. Nivedita fumes.

After dance, Agam’s crush starts chatting with him. She tells about her family members. Agam says he is very poor and came here to work, his dad/babuji is very poor. Their conversation continues.

Neil goes to change his dress for pooja and asks Ragini to come and help him. Nivedita stops Ragini and says she will go instead as she will be with Neil permanently. Ragini stands silently. Nivedita goes to Neil’s room. Neil comes out from washroom wearing dhoti and banyaan and asks why is she here. She says she came to help him and starts her drama. Neil says she does not have to help him. She insists. He asks her to bring his watch. She goes. He wears kurta and tries to button it when Nivedita comes very close and forcefully tries to help. Ragini enters and gets jealous seeing them closer and says neil if he has finished his romance, he should come down as society people are waiting for him. Neil says she is thinking wrong. She says she is thinking right and says he should close door at least if he is with Nivedita and walks out.

Nivedita stops Ragini and says Neil has his needs, which Ragini cannot fulfill, so he takes her help. Ragini fumes. Neil comes out getting ready and asks Ragini why is she overreacting. Ragini says she is thinking right and reminds him about this contract marriage and promises made that they will marry only for their children and will not have any relationship more than that.

Precap: Nivedita brainwashes Ranbir against Ragini that she is trying to create a rift between him and Neil and complains Neil for silly mistakes and keeps quiet even when Arav insults her repeatedly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Frustrating nivi .neil n his big mouth abt contract marrige ooooofffffff…neil eish man??????

  2. I don’t think anyone cares to comment cause the serial is a big bore now no story no hope also that it will become better

  3. Nice actors , was a nice story also but makers , please it is time to find a conclusion for this story instead of dragging it…..making viewers totally bored…” .NO COMMENTS ” itself prove people lost interest in this serial…..!

  4. Draggingggggggg the serial….leads to lost of interest in this serial…boring

  5. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Totally Agreed!!!!! Nivi runing n forcing gerself to married neil!!! Reading comments n update is enough to irkk me so yes…too slow.but love Pams dialoyges lolssss

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