Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 22nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 22nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dimpy telling Karan that she would have married another man instead of him. Raj asks them to stop fighting and think about his marriage. Dimpy asks if he is serious. He says yes and says he finds Devika very hot. Dimpy says Pam is hotter than Devika. Raj asks to prove it. Karan says he will prove it, else he will shave off his head. Pam starts laughing.

Nivedita brings milk for Suhani. Suhani says mom used to give her milk same way. Nivedita asks her what did she tell Neil. She told him everything that Ragini is not married to Aman and is just misunderstanding him, hopes they both unite soon. Nivedita thinks her own neice is cutting her relationship with Neil. Agam comes there and takes Suhani to Neil’s room. Suhani apologizes him for lying.

He says he should apologize her instead for not taking her to Nishi’s marriage thinking not to trouble Ragini, but he was wrong, Ragini is still arrogant and misunderstands him.

Agam and Suhani come out of Neil’s room. Suhani tells earlier dad misunderstood mom and now mom misunderstands dad, they don’t know how to unite them. Agam says they should go and clear Ragini’s misunderstanding. They reach Ragini’s home and see her cutting her fingers while cutting vegetables and get worried for her. Suhani asks her to apply bandage. Ragini asks her to get out and stop calling her mom. Suhani says she considered her as mom since chilhood and even used to think her eyes must be like her mom’s, but did not know she is Rupali and Ronnie’s daughter. Ragini says she is lying and is Rupali and neil’s daughter. Suhani says before coming to India, she used to think the same, but she was wrong and since she knew she was the reason for their divorce, she wanted to kill herself. Ragini asks her to stop her drama and leave. Suhani says she wants them both to reunite. Ragini says it cannot happen. Agam tries to intervene. She shouts at Agam that even he is helping Suhani in her lie and asks them both to get out. They both sadly leave.

They reach home and asks Neil to forgive mom and reunite with her. Neil says Ragini is still arrogant and will do anything to prove herself right. Suhani says there is one way to clear her misunderstanding. He asks what he should do now. She says DNA test.

Ragini reads DNA report and starts crying that she misunderstood Neil for 15 years and reminisces alleging Neil that he is having affair with Rupali and he shouting that he was just treat her as a doc and she does not know doc’s feeling as she is not a doc and their divorce. She calls Neil and asks him to come to the spot where she used to wait for him 20 years ago. He says he will and rushes to the spot. He asks why is she crying and says she knows he cannot see her crying. She apologizes him and asks to forgive her.

Neil reminisces telling Agam that he does not want to prove himself in front of Ragini. Suhani says he is not happy because of her. He says she does not have to feel guilty. She says because of her, mom is not in his life and requests him to agree for DNA test for her sake. He says he cannot. Raj also insists and says he wanted to tell him Ragini is not married. He asks why did not he tell him before. Raj tells he does not know if Ragini will accept Suhani or not, but at least he should keep his words and prove he is not wrong. Neil says why should he prove himself and says Suhani he will do it one last time for he and hugs her and Agam.

Precap: Ragini tells Neil she was fool not to believe him and in their 4 year old marriage, he did not look at any girl and she used to hear only her name from his heart.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. love d episode …
    luv u suhani n agham u made ur mom n dad united
    hope to c further intrestin epi

  2. the best hindi drama!!!!!

  3. Very nice suhani and agham keep it up and kick that stupid nevidita out.

  4. Is this show gonna end?

  5. What was the song that came in the show?

  6. is this going to end..

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