Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 21st September 2015 Written Episode Update


Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 21st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Agam practice his speech for dahi handi ceremony. Suhani asks him to take her pics. He says he just now took many pics. She says she has dressed up well and he should click pics. He starts clicking pics from his mobile. Someone informs sunny tai that milk parlor did not deliver masala milk yet. Sunny asks Agam to go, but he does not. Sunny says whoever works in dahi handi ceremony will get lots of blessings and since it is Krishna’s festival, he may get his life partner soon. Suhani laughs and says he will not get life partner soon. Agam starts running behind her to hit her and she hides behind Nishi.

Agam walks on road angrily. Nivedita comes and asks why is he angry. He stands silently. She says she knows it is same reason Ragini, she

would have forced her decisions on him. He nods yes.

Agam, Suhani, and Nishi take selfie and start laughing seeing Nivedita coming. They murmur that she always tries to forcefully poke her nose here. Nivedita greets them. They all laugh loudly and Agam/Nishi escape, but she catches Suhani and asks if she is not happy seeing her and herself says she must be as she is her aunt. She reminisces Neil telling he does not love Ragini and is having contract marriage for children’s sake and tries to play recording in front of Suhani when Sunny intervenes and asks Nishi why is she playing with mobile instead of working and takes her from there. Nivedita fumes.

Agam reaches milk shop and sees a girl filling milk can. he asks if this is dairy form. She says no. He says it is on board. She saysthen why is he asking. Girl gets up and he gets mesmerized seeing her beauty and starts imagining romancing her. Dusty goes into girl’s eyes and she shouts. Her uncles pick Agam and ask what did he do. Girl says dust stuck her eyes and boy did not do anything. Agam says he is from nearby road and came to take masala milk. Girl says she had to take milk there and forgot. Uncles give Agam raw milk and force him to drink. He drinks and runs from there. He imagines dancing with girl on road. Pehele nasha…song..plays in the background.

Ragini gets ready in a maharastrian sari. Neil struggles wearing kurta and ragini helps him. Nivedita enters and gets jealous. Neil asks when did she come and how is her leg pain. She says when they were romancing and starts yelling and says she knows Neil has forgotten his promise and she is an outsider now. Pam enters and they get silent. Pam asks Nivedita what is she doing here and why they got silent seeing her. Nivedita says she was telling Neil how Ragini is trying to lure him and then says she was just speaking to Neil.

Jignesh gets ready for dahi handi ceremony. His mom asks where is he going. He says Neil invited him, so he is going. She asks when Nishi did not invite him, why is he going. Dad says he should go as Neil promised to reunite them and compensate Jignesh’s losses and asks Jignesh to remind Neil about his promises.

RK enters and asks Neil who selected his kurta. He says Ragini. He says Ragini’s choice is always right and starts praising her. Nivedita angrily walks out from there. He asks Pam why did Nivedita come here. Pam says she pokes her nose purposefully and is trying to separate Neil and Ragini again. RK says she cannot in this life and starts flirting with Pam. Pam gets shy and leaves.

Pam sees Nivedita outside apartment building on road and asks why did she come down so early and asks what if Neil will know that she faked leg pain, he will get her out of his life. Nivedita says she will also reveal her secret and will use her cruel side like her. Pam says she cannot become like her and their verbal argument starts.

Precap: Nivedita brainwashes Ranbir against Ragini that she is purposefully trying to create differences between him and Neil and complains for even his silly mistakes, but keeps quiet when Arav insults her repeatedly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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