Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 21st April 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 21st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Neil thinking Ragini hurt his feeling by making Aman as her fake husband. He use to feel jealous when she used to hug Aman. She wasted their life’s 15 years.

Aman thinks he has to divert Ragini’s mind towards Neil. He goes to Ragini’s room and asks her to come with him as he has a surprise. She says she has some bills to clear. He says he has many other employees who will take care and takes her out. Neil comes to hospital and does not find Ragini in her cabin. Devika sees him and asks why did he come here when he has his engagement today. She says she went with her husband. He asks even she is with Ragini and helping her in her drama. She realizes he knows everything now.

Aman takes Ragini to her home. He asks why did he

bring her to her own home. He says he has surprise here and takes her in. They both see Naani and baa missing and Ragini says they went to temple. Aman asks even if Kareena went with them. Ragini says her dad came and took her and says she got used to her in Nishi’s absence. Aman says he will prepare pakoras for her and goes in. Ragini sees fax printing.

Agam goes to Pam’s room with suhani and sees her crying. They both try to console her. Pam says she is not their mother and says Suhani is Rupali’s daughter and Agam is Nei’s son, so she is just their aunt. They have their Ragini mom now, so they should forget her. Suhani says they just wanted to unite mom and dad. Pam says it is good they are uniting Neil and Ragini, but she wants him to make sure they won’t separate again, else her brother will die, she loves her brother more than anyone else in this world and cannot see him in pain. She asks them not to disturb her again and come only if they need medicine or something else.

Neil goes to Ragini’s house and sees Aman there. Aman asks how come here is here. Neil says he is seeing him before him for the first time and starts talking emotionally. He asks why is he making pakoras. Aman says Ragini likes pakoras. He asks if he really knows what Ragini likes and asks him certain questions. Aman does not answer well. He asks where did he marry Ragini. He says Siddhi vinayak temple. Neil says last time during Nishi’s marriage, he told court marriage and asks him to stop lying. He continues his emotional talks when Ragini comes and says it is enough. Neil says she is right it is enough. He continues and says she lied him that she is married to Aman and always with him when she knows he cannot tolerate seeing her with anyone else. He knew they both separate but cannot live without anyone else and asks why did she do such a big drama.

Ragini brings Suhani’s bag and tells it is his lie. She asks him not to lie that it is not Suhani’s bag. She reminisces getting shocked seeing Suhani’s pic with Agam and Neil. She asks Neil when he knew she cannot tolerate Suhani a bit, why did he send Suhani to her home. He told her she cannot be anyone’s wife, so she lied by mistake. Why did he send Suhani to play with her emotions. She loves Suhani like her own daughter and shared all her emotions, she thought she would become Suhani’s strength, but she and he broke her trust again. He says Suhani lied him and Pam and came here. She says he is lying again and says even 15 years ago, he lied and hurt her feelings. He says she is mistaking him again and walks out with bags.

Precap: Neil tells Suhani that he hurt her feelings for Ragini by not taking her to Nishi’s marriage. He cared about Ragini, which was his make.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nyc going!

  2. wow ……superb episode..cant wait for tommorow….just love this show ….love u ragini neil

  3. No really cant they just get back togather they look soooo cute love ragini nd neil

  4. No really cant they just get back togather they look soooo cute love ragini nd neil

  5. Wow nice. Neil n ragini lov u

  6. when u will reunite????

  7. Ragani has some serious ego issues!!
    Even after Neil opens up to her and show how much he still cares she’s still so arrogant and stern not even a tear visible!
    So unreal for a woman who on the other hand is caring to strangers…

  8. parth sanghavi

    NYC going can’t wait any more ,want to see Neil n ragini together

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