Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 20th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 20th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Neil informing family that he is going tomorrow. Nishi (changed from pretty girl to an ugly woman) says she will not him go. He says he has to official work and asks to start game. Agam starts dumb charades. Everyone’s turn comes and then ragini’s. Ragini signals him flying kite. Neil identifies film’s name as Kati Patang. RK says kati patang is Neil and Ragini’s favorite movie and they used to sing Pyar diwana hota hai….song… they both get embarrassed.

Pam says it is her turn and starts gestures. Devika enters and greets everyone. Pam gets angry seeing her. Karan asks how come she came in without informing. She says Ragini invited her to come here. RK says he is happy and surprised seeing her and takes her to

show her room. In her room, Devika starts taunting RK that he is gathered unwanted people in his farm house. He asks what does he mean. She asks what about Pam. Pam on the other side asks Karan and Dimpy why did Devika come here when she is not more engaged to RK. Karan says she is very much engaged. Devika asks RK what is Pam doing here. He says Neil’s whole family is here and Pam came along with them. She says he has a past with Pam and she is his future, so she does not want Pam back here and she has made her point clear. Agam comes there and says he needs a selfie with new couple. They pose. Pam comes out of her room. Agam asks her to join. she says she is fine. Agam takes selfie and asks Pam where did she go instead of continuing game. She says she will join him in 2 minutes and gives fake smile at Devika. Devika goesto freshen up. Pam looks at RK and leaves.

Ragini apologizes Aman for calling Devika without informing him. He says she is part of his hospital and has right to call anybody. She says RK and Devika make a good Pam and she wants them to marry soon. Neil comes there to talk to Aman but stops seeing them and apologizes for disturbing them.

Karthika discusses IVF procedure with Nishi and Jignesh and asks Jignesh to walk for at least 20 min from tomorrow. He asks if it is IVF or marathon. Nishi yells and walks out. Ragini passes by, stops her and says she is happy seeing her happy. Nishi says her happiness is because of her papa and not her. Ragini gets sad. Nishi walks from there yelling.

Devika comes to RK’s room and asks if he really wants to marry her. He says yes. She hugs him. Pam enters and tries to walk apologizing. Devika asks her to come. She says RK messaged her long back, so she came to inform she does not need his help now. She asks Devika to get him treated for his dementia. Devika walks out to bring her phone. RK tells Pam he needs to speak. She says she told him many times not to message him. Devika comes back. Pam gets embarrassed and leaves telling Dimpy needs her downstairs.

Ragini sees Neil preparing breakfast and says she will prepare it. He says he is preparing it for children. She asks when did he learn. He says in US, his children were without mother, so he learnt cooking for them. She says it is good for him. While talking, he burns hand from hot sandwich. She asks him to be careful and says he and Aarav are same, even he burns his hands carefully. He looks at her and she leaves nervously.

Aman calls Ragini and tells he spoke to juvenile cell’s inspector and took permission to speak to Aarav. She gets happy. Aarav calls him and asks how is he. He says he is fine and gives phone to Ragini. Ragini asks how is he. He asks who is she, he did not identify her. She says his anger is valid. He says he does not understand what she is speaking and cuts call saying she dialed a wrong number. Ragini starts crying.

Precap: Aman consoles Ragini by telling it is not Aarav’s mistake as they ignored him for 2 years, now they have to handle him with love.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Why no precap?
    I like Pam n RK….serial is geting tooo dragged n poor Ragini is trying to be nice nn they horribly dismiss her sobss
    No comments frm others?????

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