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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 20th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pam continuing to praise Ragini in front of Neil. Neil says if she is not inebriated now, then she must not be well and asks her to go and rest while he speaks to Nancy. She gets nervous and asks why Nancy now. He says he will speak to her later, but wants to be alone now. Pam leaves and goes to her room and thinks Neil is difficult to be convinced.

Nivedita enters Pam’s room and asks if she really told Ragini is perfect for Neil. Pam says yes and says she realized that only Ragini can handle Neil. Nivedita asks what about her. Pam says she is not made for Neil. Nivedita asks what about neil’s promise. Pam says he promised her under alcohol effect and says she is very s*xy and does not look mother of 5 grown up children, but Ragini looks

old and gharelu aunty with grown up children. She continues that she should marry some young guy and says she wants to organize party for Neil and Ragini’s unity and will invite her personally. Nivedita thinks something is wrong and she will find out what it is.

Suhani and Agam in nishi’s hospital room tell Naani that they are very happy hearing about mom and dad’s remarriage. Naani says they can separate as a couple but not as parents. Neil enters and hears that. Nani says Nishi is discharged and she is waiting her to wake up. Agam and Suhani thank Neil for patching up with Ragini and Suhani says she was feeling guilty thinking they separated because of her, but she is happy now. Neil gets emotional looking at Nishi and walks out. Naani comes out and says he cannot break children’s happiness. Neil says even then it is difficult for him to stay with Ragini. She asks him to think as a father and not as Ragini’s husband.

Nivedita reaches Aman’s house with a cake and says she came to celebrate his marriage with ragini after 4 days. She sees his bags and asks if he is going on a destination wedding He says he broke his engagement with ragini. She says she is sad to hear that and then laughs and says she brought his farewell cake and says he is going to London heartbroken and Ragini is remarrying Neil. He says it cannot be. She says it is happening.

Neil reaches home with Nishi, Agam, Suhani, Ragini and Naani. Pam greets Ragini with a hug, dressed in a sari like ragini, and calls her bhabhi. She with her overacting says she always wanted to call Neil’s wife as bhabhi and now she got Ragini as her bhabhi. She calls naani as illiterate, arrogant, mannerless and asks who will call her this, she made things possible in a day which nobody could in years. She asks Ranbir to take selfie of her with Ragini.

Sunny stands dumbstruck in a surprise. Pam asks her to wake up and get everyone’s room ready and says she is requesting her and not ordering. She asks children if they are surprised and says she always portrayed as vamp, and there is a reason for it, she could not see her brother crying for Ragini. She asks everyone to pose for a selfie and includes naani and Sunny also.

Arav hears about Ragini and Neil’s patch up and tells Karan and Dimpy that mom cannot do this. Nivedita provokes him that Ragini manipulated Neil using children in her favor. Arav says mom cannot do this and he will talk to her. Once he leaves, Karan asks her to stop brainwashing children against Ragini. Nivedita says she is telling truth and asks why are they favoring ragini. She says she came to meet Neil. Karan says he is not at home and she can come after some time. She says earlier they used to tell to think this house as her house and now want her to get out. Karan says it is not like that. She says she will wait for Neil in his room. Karan asks if he should send some tea and snacks. She asks to send tea via Dimpy. She thinks everyone is a chameleon here.

Precap: Aman asks Ragini if she wanted to remarry Neil, why did she play with his feelings.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. VEry nice episode. Superb acting by Pam.

  2. Day by day d serial is bcumng more ridiculous. ..bring some nice romantic changes otherwise stop dis prgrm here itself
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