Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 20th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 20th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arav is leaving the house. Ragini asks him where he’s going. He says Nivedita invited in her and Neil’s engagement. Everyone is shocked. Nani was going to try and stop him, but Sunny Tai says let her handle him. She tries to put sense into him that if he can’t keep Ragini happy, then at least don’t hurt her. Ragini stops Sunny Tai and asks her to let him go. Arav leaves. Suhani feels hurt and leaves too. Ragini cries recalling Arav’s words. She goes to her room and looks at her wedding pictures. Other hand, Neil is also looking at his family photo with Ragini and kids. Both recall time they spent with each other.

Shilpa comes to the engagement. She looks for Ranbir. Dimpy says Agam got sick so he stayed with him. Both shall be coming. It’s engagement

time. RK comes and tells Neil all are waiting.

Suhani is running on the road. She stops a taxi.

Pam brings Nivedita. Neil also comes. The rituals begin. Pam calls someone. Priest explains rituals of Roka ceremony. Suhani is stuck in traffic. She gets off taxi and starts walking. Meanwhile, priest says both families will exchange shaguns. Nivedita says no one is from her family. Pam says she will give shaguns on her behalf. Suhani enters. Pam rushes seeing Suhani and asks priest Roka is done. Priest says yes. Suhani cries. She goes to Neil. Pam says she came on right time, Neil’s Roka is done. Neil asks her why she’s crying. She says she got late. She should have come earlier. He shouldn’t have done this Roka. Neil asks why. Arav asks Suhani what she’s doing there and why he’s calling Neil dad. Neil says she’s his daughter. Arav says her name is Kareena and she has been living with them since past few days. Neil is shocked. He asks whether it’s true. Agam comes and says they want to talk to him about Ragini alone. Pam tries to stop Neil, but he doesn’t listen and goes with Agam and Suhani.

Neil asks Suhani to answer his question first. When he told her Ragini hates her. Suhani says this is why she went. What he said was his perspective. Ragini’s perspective can be different which he might be aware of. Agam says and to know that Suhani had to go. Neil says that means he’s wrong? Suhani says she agrees he knows Ragini more, but Ragini saved her life when she didn’t even know she’s Suhani. Then how can she be responsible for Rupali’s death? She talked to Agam and he was also thinking same. So they decided to find out the other side of story. They tell him everything from lying to Pam about going to Delhi and then going to Ragini’s house. Suhani says she lived there for 3 days and Ragini took care of her so well. She just had a different connection with her and she shared so much which she might not have shared with anyone. She told about other angle of the story as well. She says Neil was right about Ragini receiving Rupali’s call, but she didn’t tell him because she didn’t know it herself. She was busy with Ranbir and Nishi and she couldn’t hear anything. She said it herself if she knew it was Rupali and she was sick, then she would have told him everything. Neil asks she didn’t know really? Suhani says yes. They stayed away for 15 years just because of one misunderstanding.

And because of another misunderstanding, they will never get together. Neil asks her to say it openly. Suhani says Ragini is single. She hasn’t married. Dr. Aman is just her good friend. Neil and Agam both are surprised. Neil asks just friends? Suhani says she was there for 3 days. She might have lied to him. She never got married. Dr. Aman doesn’t even live there. They didn’t know she’s Suhani so they didn’t hide it from her. She still loves him. Neil asks why such a big lie then? He leaves the house in anger. Pam and Nivedita stare at Agam and Suhani.

Neil recalls closeness of Aman and Ragini (as good friends), her always saying “Dr. Aman”. He says everything was in front of his eyes and he still couldn’t see it. How he believed that Ragini can marry someone else. He should have known that it was lie on first day. But that day he was just too shocked and Dr. Aman was always around Ragini. His jealously didn’t let him think anything else. Whatever he saw, he believed it. He asks but why Ragini did this? What she wanted to prove? She knows how possessive he’s about her. Why she didn’t think once what he will go through seeing her with someone else? Why she keeps wanting to hurt him? And him too, like a crazy, kept thinking she’s happy in her new life. She belongs to someone else and that’s why kept stopping himself from going close to her.

Precap: Agam tells Pam, they always thought her as their mum. Pam says there’s difference in thinking and being a real mum. Suhani and Agam cleared her misunderstanding and that she’s actually not a mother. They taught her that a mother is who gives birth, not the one who raises kids.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. love u, love u, love u suhani and agam. i am really impressed by u 2 guys. remain telling ragini the truth 2. the one who she thought she caused the divorce is the one who will unite them 2 and that girl is none other than suhani.

  2. Nice episode…love it:)

  3. Finally ….. i hope nothing bad happens

  4. Yipee finally! THANK GOD…hope now dat tings ar cleared love ul suhani/agam mwah…Dr.Neil n Ragini pls pls unite we waiting….
    Kindly get rid of navi eish she irkssss me….

  5. ooooooommmyyyyggooood truth is out…..m sooooooooo happy…….love u suhani agam…….

  6. sadiq barakat

    Thumps up to suhani & agam, u guys are the best.

  7. Suhani and Agam ROCK!

  8. Please what is d name of d background song dat was played at d end of dis episode? I have bin looking 4it. Aniwes looooooove dis epidsode

    1. It’s Judaai From the movie Badlapur

  9. wow,awesome episode…

  10. superb episode……wow ..neil finally came to know ragini’s fake marriage..finally the show came on the you neil ragini…..

  11. too good episode..leaving their egos, now waiting fr reunion..kudos to suhani n agam..we need nivedita n pams truth to be revealed to neil that they were aware abt it..hats off to sunny tai as well..glad to see her firing aarav..

  12. I do not like two vamp . If you are good sister never distory her brother life,

  13. i hope this serial it becoming end soon

  14. Sorry to say but I disagree I don’t want it to end anytime soon because its a wonderful show and I ♥ it

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