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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 1st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ranbir sending Ragini to prepare something for him and checking Neil’s laptopt. Super naani enters and asks what is he doing on Nachiket’s laptop. He says he is fixing wifi. She says he is saying girl’s pics and is lying. Neil comes from washroom and says he has reached marriage age and can see girl’s pic. Naani asks him to upload even her pic on matrimonial site. Neil asks Ranbir to drop Naani to her room and bring her medicine box to change them. Ranbir while taking naani thinks he deleted Nivedita’s mail on time.

Agam calls Karan to his area and says he is in love with a girl and wants to show her to him. Karan praises him. He takes her to Suman’s milk parlor and shows her from a distance. Karan looks at an

obese married woman and asks if he is sure she is girl, love is blind, etc. Agam realizes he is looking at obese woman and points at Suman. Karan says he is proud of his choice and says let us meet the girl now. Agam shows her wrestler uncles and says if they go like this, uncles will crush them.

Ranbir meets Pam in a restaurant and informs that he deleted Nivedita’s mail. She says she has decided to tell everything to Ragini. He asks why her. She says between Neil and Ragini, she can inform only her and she will somehow convince Neil to stay back in India for sometime.

Neil while working on laptop drops water glass on floor and breaks it by mistake. He reminisces breaking glass in his youth days and Ragini instead of scolding calms him by telling break glass is a good sign. Ragini comes and scolds him for breaking glass and says she had 6 piece set and he broke 1. He says he will bring new set. She says he will replace everything, even wife. He asks what does she mean. She asks him to not move while she removes glass strands from floor and calls Sunny tai.

Krishnakath’s creditor calls Neil and asks when will he give his money. Neil asks who is he. He says Jignesh’s father took loan from him and promised that his samdhi will repay it. Neil asks amount. Creditor says with interest 35 lakhs. Neil asks him to text his account number, he will deposit cheque. Creditor asks if he has another daughter. Neil disconnects call. He calls Pam and asks her to get his cheque book as he has to pay money to Krishnakanth’s creditor. Pam says cheque book is with Dimpy and asks amount. He says 35 lakhs. She shockingly shouts 35 lakhs. He asks why is she overreacting. She says she is fine and will inform him after consulting Dimpy. After disconnecting call, she tells Ranbir she can borrow money only from Karan and Dimpy now.

Pam with Ranbir reaches Dimpy and Karan’s home and asks RK about them. He says they have gone out and starts flirting with her. They both come and asks her to congratulate them. She asks reason. Dimpy says they bought restaurant which Neil and family inspected. Pam gets shocked, but congratulates them.

Suhani learns cooking matar paneer dish from Nishi and naani and tells Jiju likes it a lot and she will pack some for him. Nishi says no need as Jignesh likes other dishes also, that does not mean she will prepare all for him. Suhani then plans a lunch at restaurant and takes Karthik and Nishi. Jignesh joins them. Nishi asks her if she called him. She says yes. She starts fighting with Jignesh, tells Suhani she did wrong by calling Jignesh here and worsened their fight, and leaves from there. Suhani apologizes Jignesh. He says it is okay and leaves.

Neil reaches back home and asks Sunny to prepare coffee for him. Nivedita calls him and asks if he saw article. He says yes and thanks her. She asks if he is upset. He says no and asks he is happy that she sent this article. She realizes that her anonymous mail did not reach him and fumes. Ragini brings coffee for him and he enjoys it after a bit of nok jhok.

Precap: Neil and Ragini entangle in a curtain. Pam comes and thinks they are kissing, gets shy and says she will come back later. Neil says Ragini got afraid seeing a rat and he was throwing hit out.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Neviditha Neil ka zindagi se hatana hey.ragini smooth hona chayiye.pyam neviditha sare harkat ko sub log ka saamne lana hey. RK ke Sath pyam settle hona hey. Neil ka problem Ragini solve karne se sub kuch katham hota hey.dr.Amman America hospital ka problem settle karne se kahani ko twist aata hey.Amman &Neil India may hospital run karna hey

  2. Why the writer dragging the story. Medical boards does make decision on personal issues.
    To remove a person from board of Doctors panel they must be present when a decision is taken.
    How can someone become bankrupt without their knowledge. This story so far felched. Personnel decision are not taken by family members when it involves Doctor’s panel and or banks.
    Sony channel ask the production house to write ir think of better story.

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