Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 1st June 2015 Written Episode Update


Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 1st June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Neil performing heart surgery listening to Zindagi….song… Another doc switches off music and helps him finish surgery. Neil asks who is he and why did he switch off music. Doc says he is Dr. Kumar and music was disturbing him. Neil asks if he is Dr. Karthik Kumar who is infertility expert OB-GYN doc. He says yes. Neil praises him and says there are many infertile women who are hoping on his treatment. Kumar says he has read many of his report and he is greater than him. Neil congratulates him again and leaves.

Ragini feels devastated after seeing report that Nishi cannot become mother forever and tells Aman she does not know how to tell Nishi about it.

Pam calls RK over net. He complains that she is disturbing him often now a days

and then says he was joking and she spices his life. She says she just wanted to know if he got engaged to Devika. He asks if she thinks so and their nok jhok continues.

Nishi and Jignesh walk on the road happily with sweets to inform Jignesh’s parents about Nishi’s pregnancy. Ragini comes there with Aman and informs Nishi that her OB-GYN told she cannot become mother forever. Nishi starts yelling at her that she cannot see her happiness and cursed her. Ragini says she is her mother. Nishi says she cold not be happy in her life, so she cannot even her daughter happy. She continues insulting her and telling she misses her papa and he understands her well. Ragini feels shattered.

Neil sees Suhani cooking food and says he will help her prepare salad. She says she does not need his help after last mishap. He says it was Agam’s mistake and starts preparing salad. He tells her about Dr. Karthik who is just 22-23 years old and has written a brilliant thesis on infertility. He suggest her to read it. She says she already read it and gets nervous. He asks if she is waiting for someone’s call. She says she is waiting for her professor’s call.

Aman consoles Ragini and asks her to calm down. He says she may be thinking he does not have children, but is advising her on bringing up children. She says she is not and says she is not try to control her children’s life, but they are misunderstanding her. He asks her to think about herself also and says he is not selfish. She says she knows and thanks him for being patient. she says Nishi is thinking Jignesh as her enemy and she should make her realize Jignesh’s importance in her life.

Suhani tells Neil and Pam that she wants to go to island on vacation. Neil tries to frighten her by telling there will be wild animals, etc. She says she is going with her friends. Pam says she is not going. Suhani says she is going with her male friend and she is sure he will take care of her. They all are shocked hearing that.

Precap: Nishi gets irked hearing Jignesh’s parents’ sympathy and shouts at them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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