Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 1st July 2015 Written Episode Update


Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 1st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Neil asking Pam why did she come to farm house without informing anyone. She says she was feeling lonely at home, so she came. RK comes and says he was surprised when he saw her and got happy that she came for him. She says she is not. He says he missed Devika’s call because of her. She asks if he is still in touch with her. He says she is his friend and is working hardworking as a doc. She fumes and says he is telling as if she does not know how docs work and walks out. Neil thinks why are they talking weird today.

Jignesh goes to his room and sees Suhani with Agam, Karthik and Sunny. She says she has some important project to finish to stop disturbing Nishi, she thought of working here and let him sleep in Nishi’s room. He goes to Nishi’s

room and she starts yelling at him. Ragini hears their argument and interferes. Nishi shouts that she does not Jignesh to sleep here and asks her to take him away from here. Jignesh says he did not want to sleep her, but Suhani is occupying his room. Neil hears their argument, enters and asks Jignesh to sleep in his room. Ragini convinces Nishi to let Jignesh sleep in her room. Once Neil walks out of room, she scolds him for trying to separate beti/damad instead of reuniting them. Karan sees their fight and thinks they started again.

Nishi sees Jignesh shivering in sleep and dorns her bedsheet on him. He wakes up and asks if she dorn it. She says she did not and shouts that he must have taken in sleep. She takes it and asks him to bring his own. He falls asleep. She goes to washroom and does not find soap. She calls Jignesh, but he is sound asleep. She goes to store room to bring soap.

Pam with RK, Neil, Dimpy and Karan starts gossiping about US, etc. Neil asks Pam to stop gossiping. Karan laughs and Pam asks him to start walking for 30 min and talk to them. He says he cannot lose his age-old grown tummy. Power goes off and Pam fumes. RK jokes that power often goes in this area during rainy season.

Nishi panics seeing power off and calls for help. Karthik passes by and gets into store room hearing her voice. They try to walk out, but door gets locked. They shout Suhani and other’s names.

Neil goes to fuse room to fix fuse and gets locked inside. Karan comes and tries to open door, but it does not. Neil ask him to bring key.

Suhani and others start searching Karthik and Nishi.

RK is busy describing horror story to Pam and Dimpy. Pam gets afraidand says she does not want to listen. Karan comes and she shouts in fear. Karan asks RK to give power house’s keys. He says he does not have as everything is automatic there and he does not go there. Pam asks what happened. Karan says Neil is stuck there. RK says keys must be in his cupboard. Dimpy leaves with Karan.

Neil fixes fuxe sand tells Ragini that he fixed it.

Precap: No precap today.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This written episode is not complete.

  2. 4 hw lng wil neil n ragini b separate 4rm each other. N ragini luks 4 a chance 2 taunt neil all da time. Its annoying

  3. This is the same repeated episode of Thursday …

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